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It's sad that so many of my favorite creative people died long ago, but on the bright side I'll probably always be able to enjoy their work without having to come to terms with some dumb bigoted shit they said online.

Maybe I'll start some safe/all-dead book and video stacks.


boss: teamwork is very important

workers: [unionize]

boss: not like that

Back in 2017, NYC community activists teamed up with Motherboard to start an open mesh wireless network, called NYC Mesh.

And because providing communications infrastructure is a radical act, NYC Mesh is a radical political group.

Their latest activist move: bulk-archiving the freely available NYC traffic-cam footage streaming online and using it as evidence of police brutality against Black Lives Matter protesters.


Holy crap I was not expecting this SCOTUS victory for LGBT worker protections โ€“ this is even more significant than their marriage equality decision

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I've had pollen allergies and gotten hay fever all my life, I've always been open about this fact, and still all these fucking flowers outside come swaggering at me all "you just haven't smelled the right pollen yet, baby, I could totally turn you florist."

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โ€œEncrypt your faceโ€

Signal is giving packs of 50 free masks to folks to distribute in their city. Message them on signal (obvs) to request a pack.

Friends, please remember me as I was before I ate an entire jar of jalapeno-stuffed olives in one sitting.

I just wanna make things is that so much to ask

That moment when you put the panel back on after a full PC rebuild and everything works and the temperatures are where they should be. :chick_content:โ€‹

The bosses never want the employees to talk money. That's because they play favorites.

Talk money with your peers. Be open and honest.

The money taboo is a tool of the oligarchy.

โ€ชIโ€™ll never work again if I say Black Lives Matter? Huh, turns out I didnโ€™t want to work for you anyway. And furthermore... my company, my rules.

Here's a fun one I wrote for your Friday. The Tale of the Emoji Mafia.

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Two years ago today a couple of goofballs got happily married.

Happy anniversary, Gila! I love you!

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There's an old cliche about activists calming down as they get older.

I find the opposite to be true. The older I get, the more sensible the idea of just tearing all the bullshit down and holding every oppressor accountable seems.

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