@LexPendragon No worries, I never actually minded the change as I got older. I think it suits me now at least as well as my old looks suited me at the time.

"I am a total animal in bed."

While in bed: [continues to not have rigid cell walls]

@LexPendragon It's been a very long time since I was a kid who had cooperative follicles.

Confession of the day: my desire to grow my hair long as a kid probably had more to do with Peter Davison's hair tosses, hair bounces, and general hair-acting on than all the long-haired rock stars on MTV put together.

Clip via twitter.com/doctorwho1980s/sta

Also, now I'm imagining all the kids in that audience excited to see the rollicking pirate adventure but then after that they have to sit with cold, stale popcorn while Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Mare Winningham, and pals come to terms with adulthood, relationships, and the passage of time.

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Secure in the knowledge that if I ever time-travel with Gila we can still have fun movie dates.

Earlier today Gila and I were getting ready to run an errand. Alert Wife took one look at the shirt I was wearing and informed me that either I'd dripped a little toothpaste on it earlier, or a bird had shat on the TARDIS.

I appreciate her.

The testimony Mudge is giving is, of course, incredibly important, but I'd like us all to take a moment to appreciate that not even this situation escapes the Zoom-era opening refrain of "buddy, you're muted... just hit the... there ya go."


Daily reminder for you all to *always* carry around a marker pen with you so when you see stuff like anti-COVID/Nazi/right-wing BS in public, you can graffiti over it

Thanks to the my body is frustratingly quick to get fatigued and less usable than normal, but my mind is sometimes taken off of that unnerving situation by the fact that my brain is frustratingly quick to get fatigued and less usable than normal. :flan_tired:​

@RadicalEdward When the only tool you have is a wiki every problem looks like a lack of crowdsourced reference material.

@RadicalEdward Someone I know had to spend far too long explaining this to their boss who was insisting "there's this thing called QR codes, everyone's using them and so obviously we need to start using them in our emails!"

@socketwench When the action time-jumps to WWII you just know they're about to do A Thing.

List of MIME types

- serious
- clownish
- silent film comedian
- blue man
- overtly French

say what you will about cloudflare, but at least they let you export your DNS entries as a .txt file so you can easily copy/paste them into another website and stop using cloudflare forever

If one of you manages to get a whitepaper published at Yale's Information Society Project which secretly contains lyrics from the band Information Society it would make me so happy.


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