@docskrzyk Once upon a time I had a field recording kit with five CompactFlash cards in it on which I'd put stickers of the playing cards 10β™ , Jβ™ , Qβ™ , Kβ™ , and Aβ™  on them. I called them my "CompactFlush."

I miss those.

@kirjis [insert looped animation of a kid in headphones eating salad here]

@vortex_egg @ryen @banjofox We were indeed considering doing a HOPE event this year depending on the general state of reality, and ultimately decided against it.

Full statement is on hope.net .

@SetecAstronomy Back in the days of those floppies AOL *somehow* got the crazy idea that my home address was a little computer-repair shop and sent me a few cases at no charge. They were really good-quality disks too, well worth the effort to reformat and stick new labels on. :flan_excite:​

This is an absolutely brilliant answer to a post which said "i dont know what an NFT is and im too afraid to ask"


re: Anti-Satire Squad 

@cwebber @c0debabe @mlemweb We must put our petty individual concerns aside so the organization can flourish. The ASS Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Random memory has me chuckling, so I'll share it.

When I was growing up, we had pet cats. One fine day my youngest sister was in the bathroom cleaning the litter box, for it was her turn. I went in there to get something from a shelf, and asked her in passing "how's it going?"

She looked up at me, scoop in one hand, trash bag in the other, her face a picture of haggard earnestness, and said "ugh, this poop smells like CRAP."

I looked at her, she looked back at me, we both let that statement hang in the air for a moment and compute, and we cracked up laughing together.

20-something years later, this memory still entertains me on a regular basis.

re: food 

@c0debabe They sell Beyond burgers at my local grocery, but they're right there on the shelf within easy reach.

frankly i think cis people should go get their gender markers changed to X en masse so we can just get rid of the field in 5 or 10 years

Every so often I feel it important to revisit these photos I took of a gas pump sign in October of 2007.

One of the listeners of "Modern Technology Watches," the film podcast of which I am half, is known as @sudoneuron. In an inspired bit of "Julie & Julia" type madness, they have committed to watching each of the films we've covered and blogging the results. Two episodes in and I'm already slightly worried for their health. :flan_popcorn:​

Check out their blog at sudoneuron.com , and our podcast it raids at modern.technology/watches/ !

😐 πŸ˜„ Meme templates can work in emoji, right?
😐 😦 Meme templates can work in emoji, right?

PSA: There's been a few people who've asked me how things do on the fedi.

I remember learning in the BBS/IRC days that lurking a bit is a good way to get a feel of what the prevailing social norms are in an online community.

Additionally, following @feditips is a good thing. They've never steered me wrong.

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