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@c0debabe There are precious few things in life that cannot be improved by adding a fried egg on top. :flan_calm:​

Mom: I got this book for my classroom used, it's supposed to have a handle on top but it doesn't anymore. Is this something you can do?

Me: Sure. I can figure something out.

*finds original photo of book*

*checks Thingiverse just in case there's something similar that's easy to find* (nope!)

*starts pondering how to design it*

Wait a moment. Didn't I throw out a handle like this from a cardboard box the other day? (it was some plastic that we don't recycle around here)

*rummages in lab trash can, finds it in the very bottom*

*removes a LOT of plastic from the handle*

Tada! New handle on the book. And I didn't even have to spend the filament or power to print anything. Even saved something from the landfill.

Making is handy sometimes.

Today is Wikipedia's 20th birthday.

Inspired by I logged in and looked up what my own first edit to Wikipedia was. Turns out I started the "Heckle and Jeckle" article.

So, if nothing else, now you know something not a lot of people know about me. :flan_thumbs:​

@thegibson πŸ˜±β€‹ πŸ™€ ​:blobscream:​ :blobcatscream:​ :ms_cat_scream:​ πŸ’₯​

We're live with a new @HackerRadioShow !

We were off last Wednesday, so this might involve a little catching up. I feel there may have been some news we missed.

USpol is a compiled list of all the US senators and representatives who participated in last week's coup attempt, with their contact details so you can let them know how you feel about that sort of thing.

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Five years ago tonight, Epic Wife Gila and I had our first date.

One thing she does every year is put together a little collage of some selfies we've taken over the course of our preceding year together. Here's the latest one.

No apologies for cuteness.


@SetecAstronomy Many were the times I'd cannibalized a cheap plastic dollar-store flashlight over waiting for a proper battery holder to show up in the mail.

uspol, parler 

okay I'm laughing, which one of you is responsible for this parler post

sealab 2021 

this show accidentally predicted The Real Ass Mood of 2021, i.e. β€œshouting over top of the deafening CATASTROPHIC IMPLOSION IMMINENT alarms to explain to your bored friends that if you put your brain in a robot body it’d DEFINITELY have chainsaw hands”

I scanned in a lovely old magazine piece Harpo Marx wrote about his brother Groucho in 1951. You might like it as much as I do.

Bigger scan images & full text transcripts of the article are available at

re: USpol 

I'm thinking about how I posted this yesterday when it was just the first objection, before all hell broke loose.

I think it may still apply, somehow.

I might need to print out a wallet-size Michael Che to carry around with me.

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