Support artists who release their work for free or use DRM-free platforms like Bandcamp.

Do not support artists who lock their work behind DRMed platforms.

Vote with your wallet. Don't give people money who don't deserve it. Foster a culture of support and owning what you pay for.

Random thoughts on seeing the RIAA DMCA takedown of youtube-dl:

Maybe the culture that has been locked off from history behind paywalls needs to just die off. Let it all rot away.

More helpfully, what are the barriers, speedbumps, or frictions that are in the way of replacing paywall-content-culture with a viable alternative for supporting content creators? Is it technical? Social-awareness? Political-regulatory?

Non-rhetorical question: What can I do to facilitate that alternative coming into being? I don't know much about this space at all.

Great piece, very succinctly illustrating why the big corporate moves away from hard copies always make me so sad.


@thegibson Oh man, now I want a mask with that Donald Sutherland Mouth printed on it.

Gila and I are still using bleach pens to make our masks more passive-aggressive toward the boneheads in our neighborhood still Doing It Wrong.

(Photo of scary stares via

used to be, before gutenberg, letters were a lot more expensive. punctuation, even more so. you'd have to trade a bushel of oats for the "a," etc. if you used the comma twice in once sentence, you were judged to have spent more lavishly than you could afford, such as foolishly trading your strongest livestock, which would have sustained the farm with its work, for an optional bit of punctuation, like a dandy. that's why they call it trading the "ox fer d'comma"

@alva @error_1202 It'd make perfect sense were she found out to have been a stranded time-traveler.

Delia Derbyshire is one of my all-time hacker and artistic heroes. She'll always be one of those people I deeply wish I'd worked up the courage to write an appreciative letter to or something back when she was alive.

Hear the @HackerRadioShow episode at , or by scrolling "Off the Hook" all the way back to March 4 in your podcast app of choice.

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Pic 1: and I on March 4 of this year, doing a live @HackerRadioShow remote from one of the last remaining sets of payphones in our neighborhood.

Pic 2: The municipal scars left by the removal of those payphones this week.

I'm a sad phone phreak.

@docskrzyk @requiem You could detox by listening to Jay Sherman saying "it stinks!"

Folks, is it blasphemous to prefer the American Utopia covers of Talking Heads songs to the original Talking Heads versions?

(Asking for a friend. Yeah, that's the ticket.)

I'm not normally much of an X-Men fan, but this fan-made Wolverine short is pretty charming.

(NSFW for language/violence because of course it is)

@socketwench It's possible the PC one did the same. I seem to remember playing my Descent II disc on a bog-standard CD player, possibly also my Descent 1 disc.

A lot of PSX games, especially earlier ones, used CD-audio tracks as well in order to blow people away with the sheer power of redbook audio over MIDI.

re: Microsoft gets it right. 

@thegibson Like when a broken analog clock manages to be right twice a day. πŸ•™

OpenSourceStudio update 

Project Account! @opensourcestudio
This will get all further updates for the project!

Thanks, all

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