Oh yes $ISP, a few hours before I'm scheduled to wrangle a live radio program and its remote connections to my colleagues and our radio station is a GREAT time to start having sporadic and unpredictable outages of various lengths.


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@thegibson @feonixrift @c0debabe Everyone please slow down all your posting to this thread, I'm having trouble keeping up as I scrawl it all in my notebook for later perusal.

Yeah, so Facebook isn't rebranding because we've somehow got them "on the run." They're pivoting their brand into controlling the data flow of all of our future digital social spaces at the hardware level.

It's so valuable to them that they're willing to risk the obscene value and relative power of their existing brand. Don't misunderstand that: They're willing to risk one of the single most powerful and financially valuable brands in the history of human existence for this.

I know it feels great to think, but the idea of anyone having them over a scandal-shaped-barrel is a weird techno-utopian fantasy.

I don't mean to take the wind out folks' sails, but it's so much worse than anything they've done so far, y'all.

The core mistake that Facebook thinks it made is being a data collection layer on top of someone else's hardware. They're actively trying to correct that by leaning into the hardware that supports the future of digital social spaces (including those that exist withing workplaces) and defining the narrative around it to prevent external criticism of their business model.

The ramifications of this are profound, in a way the current narrative doesn't convey.

^ For those of you wondering, they're very skinny fish jerky and they're quite good.

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random thought, the "punk" in things like cyberpunk is about having your own agency in spite of world that tries to stop it


The new trailer which just dropped has me guardedly hopeful. Digging the vibe and the performances so far.

I’m running facebook-delete in tmux, and it’s currently chewing through 2013 on its way back to the beginning. When that’s done, I’m burning my account. It was so fun at the beginning, but I want nothing more to do with that toxic stew.

`-rateLimit 40000`, a 40 second pause between actions, seems to be the magic number to allow it to keep running without getting rate limited.

@drwho Sending virtual hugs, positive vibes, and the warmest energy to you and yours.

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@thegibson @djsundog I just suggested it to the filmmaker on birdsite. :blobdevil:​

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@thegibson @djsundog After the JAMs lost their legal battle and had to withdraw their "1987" record they put another version out with all the samples in question muted, and instructions for the owner to reassemble it properly themselves.

It'd be pretty punk-rock for the filmmakers to do the same with the release of their film.

Gotta hand it to them, Apple got praise for making people's lives worse by removing all the ports and now they get praise again for putting a paltry selection of them back.

idk about you but if you sell me a computer with a processor whose documentation I can't read on a board whose schematics I can't buy and which I can't repair, which is only designed to run software I can't audit or change

in what sense do I actually own that computer?

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