Epic Wife @gilahava704@twitter.com has surprised me with a super secret adventure date to see David Byrne's limited-engagement Broadway show "American Utopia." I AM EXCITED FOR THIS.

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The scientist hanging a clock,
Who knew on that date,
That fortune and fate,
Would reveal so much more to the Doc.
Doc Brown, Doc Brown, he did invent
Such objects of folly, with good intent,
He tumbled and fell in his lavatory
But soon after took to his lab'ratory
For though he’d been woefully injur'ed
A vision unfurled in his bruis'ed head
Great Scott! Great Scott! From this disaster
Great Scott! Great Scott! The Flux Capac'tor!
And what did he do with it? Build it!

They have a phone booth in Madison, Wisconsin! There's a telephone in it!!

Driving around Wisconsin, and I think our video card needs upgrading.

I expect Superman 64 to show up any minute, flailing around wildly in search of the next kryptonite ring to go through.

We're back!! You no longer need to come to Brooklyn to hear our next episode, tune in as normal.

RT @2600@twitter.com: We're happy to announce that WBAI has gotten an injunction to stay the takeover of the station by RadioPacifica. All programming will resume and the next court date is October 18th.

Should be a good show this Wednesday!


I'm just trying to go about my normal shadowy routine with as much stealth as possible, but it turns out it's which means you people can see me for now.

Tomorrow, I return to the shadows and my plotting and scheming can continue.

Epic Wife Gila and I are at Union Hall, Brooklyn to see Dave Ross and Hampton Yount of the brilliant "Suicide Buddies" podcast. Exciting!

Someone put a magnetic poetry set on the fridge at my day job, and I may have found my true calling.

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