"Geneticists described evolution simply as a change in gene frequencies in populations, totally ignoring the fact that evolution consists of the two simultaneous but quite separate phenomena of adaptation and diversification."

- Ernst Mayr

β€œWith 'multimedia' the profound ethical and aesthetic challenge comes from the burden of responsibility that lies with the individual once the constraints on communications are so radically eased if not eliminated.”

- Kenneth Dyson

Browsing cheap furniture and although I know catalog photos aren't real, I find I really want to know more about the household whose blu-ray collection contains seven copies of "First Blood" and five copies of the "Underdog" movie.

Anyone looking for a ?

I am properly prepared to face the world now that I have a bunch of @Medus4's hand-sewn face masks!

You, too, can look this good if you go to etsy.com/shop/m3dus4marketplac .

I made this little educational montage for a birdsite account (@BigSpiderBack@twitter.com) at which someone makes and curates this sort of frippery.

Epic Wife Gila and I just celebrated our full complement of antibodies by getting pedicures.

(I'm the one in green.)

In honor of "The Crow" trending on birdsite, here's my 15-minute doodle of THE Crow.

I've been thinking a lot lately about this particular example of what it's like to have once worked for a crappy boss with a selective memory.

In case you're wondering how this particular Italian-American/Jewish mixed marriage is celebrating Passover, this is a matzoh pizza we had for lunch.

EC, vax achievement unlocked 

Second vaccine shot achieved by @gilahava704@twitter.com and I!
No side effects yet apart from a creeping feeling of relief.

I like the new Tune Squad uniform design, even if it means one of the stupidest pieces of bootleg costume I've ever commissioned is now outdated and a little more stupid.

There's a grocery store where if you don't have a rewards card they'll be nice and swipe a general-use one, and then you get all that card's cumulative reward savings totaled on your receipt.

Though I know it's an awful electronic lie, being told I've saved this much on groceries is a little bit fun.

I made a new friend recently.

It's not time to reveal more of this guy or what he's for yet, but I'm very happy to be back in the puppet-making saddle again.

It feels like time to share a little Colin Baker / Sixth Doctor appreciation.

I very much dig them all, but Six is MY .

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