Couples vaxxing, so cute you could plotz 

COVID-19-boosted and flu-shot with Gila, yo.


Selfie with a cheap digital camera hacked to capture infrared light only, April 2005.

The hack used was from this page:

If I'm really slick and maintain careful OpSec nobody will know I'm currently in Wisconsin.

These shoes designed by @Medus4 for are suitable for both formal and casual occasions, as I demonstrate below.

The iconic hit pop song you ask your smart-speaker device to play vs. the dinky cover version it plays.

One of the greatest amusements of using your own email hosted on a system you control is when malware spam tries its darnedest to look like a warning originating from within your own stinkin' domain.

Celebrating the milestone of 300 follows on here with a "300"-themed doodle. Thanks for being interested, folks!

There are people in the world who believe action figures aren't for grownups.

Those people miss out on the joy I experience having Statler and Waldorf's theatre box mounted up on the side of a shelf, behind me and to the right, so that they're looking at my monitor from their standard heckling position over my shoulder.

I miss those payphones; since the taking of this photo they've gone to live on a farm upstate.

In the life of the common or garden USBee, the real tragedy is their constant failure to get into the flower the right way around on the first try.

Thinking about the time in 2009 I'd heard Travis Goodspeed's was using a Tennessee-shaped attendee badge and constructed an appropriate forgery, only to learn upon my arrival that they meant Tennessee the US state and not Tennessee the playwright.

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