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Five years ago tonight, Epic Wife Gila and I had our first date.

One thing she does every year is put together a little collage of some selfies we've taken over the course of our preceding year together. Here's the latest one.

No apologies for cuteness.


I scanned in a lovely old magazine piece Harpo Marx wrote about his brother Groucho in 1951. You might like it as much as I do.

Bigger scan images & full text transcripts of the article are available at

What do Felix the Cat, The Great Gatsby & Rudolph Valentino in β€œThe Eagle” all have in common? They were first released in 1925 & will enter the public domain in 2021. We're throwing a virtual party on Dec 17 to celebrate these works & more!

Join us:

Do not explore space while pondering the nature of artificial life with me or my son or my son's son ever again.

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Just showing off this excellent shirt by Jon Wolter, an artist whose work I really like. If interested you can obtain one like it at . There's currently a half-off sale, and half the proceeds are being donated toward the left side of the Georgia runoff election.


to way back when had message boards, and I vandalized the one on my best friend's listing with graffiti of herself made of forum-smileys.

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The scientist hanging a clock,
Who knew on that date,
That fortune and fate,
Would reveal so much more to the Doc.
Doc Brown, Doc Brown, he did invent
Such objects of folly, with good intent,
He tumbled and fell in his lavatory
But soon after took to his lab'ratory
For though he’d been woefully injur'ed
A vision unfurled in his bruis'ed head
Great Scott! Great Scott! From this disaster
Great Scott! Great Scott! The Flux Capac'tor!
And what did he do with it? Build it!

That awkward moment in which you happen to catch yourself stealing a pen on video, and then notice you happen to have that same pen in your hand.

Gila and I are still using bleach pens to make our masks more passive-aggressive toward the boneheads in our neighborhood still Doing It Wrong.

(Photo of scary stares via

Pic 1: and I on March 4 of this year, doing a live @HackerRadioShow remote from one of the last remaining sets of payphones in our neighborhood.

Pic 2: The municipal scars left by the removal of those payphones this week.

I'm a sad phone phreak.

What an unfortunate place to run out of characters, Zoom for Linux. This is how rumors about one's private life get started!

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