Every so often I feel it important to revisit these photos I took of a gas pump sign in October of 2007.

One thing I enjoy about retiring a hard drive is playing with these things.

This one's from 1990, and held 40 megabytes of stuff I sure hope nobody needed. Its mirror finish helped me locate and remove a loose eyelash from my eyeball this morning. I may rest a drink on it later.

Every so often Gila and I get a themed box o' bricks to build together, last night it was this one.

I love this set, and appreciate the designer's story behind it: lego.com/en-us/page/why-i-desi

We went to a local mall today. This happened on the t-shirt table at one of the shops, and I'm not sure how to feel about it or how best to move forward in a healthy manner. Advice welcome.

As I figure out how I'm revamping and optimizing my home-voiceover-recording situation, Peter Davison's homemade TARDIS studio continues to represent a lofty ideal to which I can aspire.

Image source: twitter.com/LiverpoolGirl72/st

Hey, it's Gila's and my third wedding anniversary!

Among our celebrations is this neat cue card from official cue-carder Wally Feresten commemorating our wedding date and location as well as our official portmanteau couple name for shippers. (Image marked sensitive for EC)

I'm not opposed to a nice bit of untethered snacking, in fact I've always had a pretty active sweet tooth, but I really want to know for taxonomy's sake where the line is between "trail mix" and "goddamn bag of candy."

This is one of the noise-catchers at which I enjoy occasionally aiming my speak-hole.

If you haven't taken a commuter flight since lockdown you might not know about some of the new changes made to the experience, such as the fact that airplanes now land by hitting the ground at speed and drilling deep beneath to reach your destination.

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