Confession of the day: my desire to grow my hair long as a kid probably had more to do with Peter Davison's hair tosses, hair bounces, and general hair-acting on than all the long-haired rock stars on MTV put together.

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Secure in the knowledge that if I ever time-travel with Gila we can still have fun movie dates.

I painted this series as thank-you gifts for people who donated to WBAI during a specific fundraiser, so they all reside in private collections now. Thanks again to all who have supported WBAI and @HackerRadioShow over the years!

Photo of the artist as a decade-younger man. I think I'm aging fairly well, but I should probably paint more. (CW: EC)

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Finishing up with some classic toys: Computer Space, Speak & Spell, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Since @HackerRadioShow was preempted tonight, for the heck of it here's a thread of portraits of old computers I painted 10 years ago. More info on each computer and why I painted it can be found in each image's descriptive text.

The Apple IIGS, Commodore 64, and Commodore PET.

If I'm really slick and maintain careful nobody will know in in Washington, DC.

Dark humor, famous fictional death 

It was always a little weird back in the day when they'd try to adapt the classics into computer games.

I fixed a typo in Disney's new TV series logo for them. They ought to be paying me for this stuff.

Can confirm COVID really sucks to go through, but I'm out of danger (thanks, vaccines!) and spending quality time with my wife and my new friend the Plague Beard.

I drew a picture of one of my favorite cartoon characters from my 1980s childhood.

EC, distorted faces, shitpost 

This AI image-generator stuff is so much fun to play with, and the endless funny prompts you can give it are -- oh.

Oh, no.

Warpy AI-generated imagery of non-human pop-culture characters 


AI-generated images of uncanny (but not real) child-endangerment 

Alright, this thing is officially great.

AI-generated imagery of distorted human faces. 

Oh okay, I'll freaking do one.

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