I am therapeutically self-applying these items at various points throughout the day.

For the hell of it, here's a photo I colored in for the background of my desktop PC's login screen. The password field hovers right above Chico's head and makes me happy there.

(The password is not "swordfish.")

This afternoon Gila and I saw a 70th-anniversary cinema screening of , one of our communal favorites, and it was definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

I don't know what else to post today, so here's a cute photo I took a while back of an adorable little cat playing in the snow.

You know that thing where it's late at night and your brain won't let you go to bed until you've 'shopped the random sketch that's stuck in your head into a movie poster? That may or may not have happened to me recently.

Original sketch: youtube.com/watch?v=DSvMVk_zqP

You probably need to see . Without spoiling anything, it's the most fun and clever movie to be released in a long time.

Don't read wikis, IMDb, reviews, etc., spoil none of it for yourself. Go in without preconceptions and enjoy where it takes you.

Food, closeup photo of eating. 

I'd like to thank Gila for all her love, support, and companionship as I face the weird and upsetting events in life.

I put together a neat poster for my office featuring a bunch of radio luminaries whose work I appreciate. (Identities in the descriptive text.)

EC, food, cute-coupley stuff 

Today Gila brought me upstate for lunch at the Pandorica, a themed restaurant. We just happened to be wearing scarves. (It was legitimately cold out.) We had fish fingers and custard. (It was legitimately delicious.) I am a dork and she is my enabler.

Gila looking over my shoulder at my file-browser window: "What scared your fonts folder so badly?"

I went to check on my podcast stats and they're being uncharacteristically rude.

It's that girl scout cookie season again, and we're all fondly remembering our old favorites.

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