I don't know when or how, but I swear I will someday give whoever decided Carl Reiner could leave us now a stern talking-to.

You'll be remembered always, sir.

Two years ago today a couple of goofballs got happily married.

Happy anniversary, Gila! I love you!

This drive was in my first DOS-based PC in the early 1990s. I've kept it in a spare bay in every main PC of mine since, or to put it another way I'm still using the same PC which occasionally has all the other parts replaced. (Shoutout to the Ship of Theseus.)

Thanks to the madcap alternate-universe take on the "Super Mario Bros" film being made by my pals at the "Roleplay Retcon" podcast, I had to illustrate my mental image of Bowser as played in their story by Jon Hamm.

Because I'm waiting on a long social-distance-type line outside the grocery store and I'm bored, please enjoy my lockdown nails.

By way of my Jewish wife and or Passover shopping, I've discovered there's such a thing as "natural flavor" Doritos. There are only three ingredients, all of which are straightforward food items. They're quite nice.

Commuter journeying home through a cyberpunk dystopia, or highwayman about to jump on a horse and rob a stagecoach?

Living that essential-worker life. How's this for a big-city rush-hour commute?

I can't believe I accidentally left the house without gluing on the false beard.

"Here's the fish and chips you ordered, and your beer."

"But I ordered a hamburger and onion rings with a Coke."

"No, you ordered the fish and chips with beer. What's wrong with you, why are you lying about wanting a burger? You don't like Coke! Ugh, you're always doing this."

RIP Kellye Nakahara.

Here's a sketch I drew of her long ago, in her role from the film "Clue."

Gila and I are attending a live taping of "L the ATE SH(with)W stephen colbert."

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