I'm not opposed to a nice bit of untethered snacking, in fact I've always had a pretty active sweet tooth, but I really want to know for taxonomy's sake where the line is between "trail mix" and "goddamn bag of candy."

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@Rob_T_Firefly This snack is so aggressively American that after you eat it you poop a baseball wrapped in guns.

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@Rob_T_Firefly Once the yogurt chips show up, you're basically in candyland.

@GeoffWozniak I just need to know whether I should bring this stuff along as my main source of portable, energy-efficient nutrition on my next long hiking and camping trip through my own pancreas.

@Rob_T_Firefly Yogurt chips just melt in any reasonable heat, so there's no way that qualifies as a decent trail mix.

When they're loaded with raisins and dried cranberries, it's basically candy, but at least it doesn't turn to goo.

If it's got chocolate, it counts as candy to me, too.

That pic you posted? "Goddamn bag of candy" all the way. It's an insult to trail mix. that's trail mix in the same way that captain morgan's is rum

@Rob_T_Firefly hold up, I lost my two astronauts / it's always been like this meme template...

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