I did it! I finally showed Gila the thing!!!!@#$%^ Let's see how she reacted: my film podcast's long-overdue take on 1995's "Hackers" is now available to put into your ear holes.

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(TFW you accidentally let a production mistake through and had to quickly reupload the fixed file and hope nobody noticed) :blobembarrassed2:​

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@Rob_T_Firefly How have I missed that this podcast exists?

I'm looking over the list of episodes and realizing that the only films listed that I have seen are Blade Runner, Network, Back to the Future, Empire Records, Back to the Future II, Back the the Future Part III, Metropolis, and of course, Hackers. Also worth noting that Hackers is the only one of those films I've seen anytime in the last 20+ years. I think I may need to use this series as a jumping off point to start watching some old films and then listening to the corresponding episode afterwards.

@sudoneuron That'd be neat! I'd love to hear what you think of any of those.

And yes, every episode contains a full recap so be sure to watch anything you don't want spoilers for before listening.

@Rob_T_Firefly I probably won't find the time to get around to it for a few days, but I'm leaning toward putting together a blog dedicated to this and aiming to watch 1 film a week followed by listening to you and Gila's thoughts on it and then writing my own review of the film. This could be fun!

@sudoneuron Totally! And if you're ever into sending anything to the listener-mailbag we'd like to get going, that info is given at the end of each episode.

@Rob_T_Firefly I have a feeling this will get some traction here in β€˜town 😁

@Rob_T_Firefly I made it about 25% through before I decided I didn’t want to be called in as a witness in a contentious divorce proceeding. ;)

@thegibson Also you have just cracked Gila up significantly. She says "tell him I said we're still speaking."

@Rob_T_Firefly @TheGibson exactly what I'd expect you to say if you two were not speaking and you were trying to protect gibson's future testimony :blobhyperthink:​

@Rob_T_Firefly good.

Happy to provide a laugh, it’s a value-add.

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