USpol, .gov infosec 

This birdsite thread nails it.

If anyone in the Capitol is trusting any device smarter than a pocket calculator right now, it's all fucked.

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USpol, .gov infosec 

@Rob_T_Firefly you've seen some of the pics, though - 13" 4:3 monitors with analog inputs, keyboards that haven't been made or cleaned in years... That place was a disaster already, and by design so the state could not work efficiently. The whole place needs to be modernized, and badly.

I hope their drives were encrypted tho.

USpol, .gov infosec 

@Rob_T_Firefly 🍬 If what our handbook says about the tendencies of the human species is accurate, you all have a full year of data breaches ahead (even with device replacement) 🍬

USpol, .gov infosec 

@Rob_T_Firefly Yup. Totally fucked. Can't wait to find out how many secured containers were damaged or stolen, where paperwork isn't anymore, and how many new USB devices are all over the place. Five to one a couple of SIPR boxen took a walk.

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