Follow I going to have to finally give "The Mandalorian" a look? :flan_think:

@Rob_T_Firefly Wait until the whole Second Season has been released, so you can binge-watch it all ... and then presumably unsubscribe to the paywalled service that's the only "legit" source of the program.

Or, you know, just find it being shared on a torrent somewhere if that floats your metaphorical pirating schooner and makes your Roger jolly.

@yojimbo I was going to just do what I always do and borrow the VHS tapes from a friend.

@Rob_T_Firefly Or what we used to do before that -- all go around to a friend's house to watch it at the same time ...

@Rob_T_Firefly So far it's the best thing Disney's done with the franchise.

I am not being hyperbolic.

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