@thegibson @Rob_T_Firefly Reviews are mixed, but the word is that if you like Bill & Ted, you will probably like it.

One reviewer I like is a big B&T fan but was disappointed in the movie.

I'm going to watch it. My wfie hasn't seen the other two yet, so those will be first!

@GeoffWozniak @thegibson I couldn't wait, I watched it on headphones while my wife was off doing other things so as not to spoil the first two for her.

We just finished BTTF, now I have another time-travel trilogy to subject her to! :excellent:​

@thegibson @Rob_T_Firefly @GeoffWozniak

is that a young Max Headroom on the right? <insert conspiracy theory here>

@float13 @thegibson @Rob_T_Firefly @GeoffWozniak

Actually I think it is Max's body double while they worked on digitizing the genuine article. It was really a huge, and well thought out ploy from day zero.

My fav scenes in the Bill and Tedd movies:

* Iron Maiden, yeah!!! (air guitar)

* When they lose the car keys and realize it was them who stole them in the first place

* Beating Death at whodunit LOL


* The rap scene with the Reaper

* The end credits with all the news and magazine covers LOL

@GeoffWozniak @TheGibson

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