A fun USA travel loophole from the furry community came up in a birdsite thread about traveling with expensive drones.

If, like me, you're interested in flying with non-TSA luggage locks but not in owning a firearm, turns out a flare gun (without flares) counts as a gun for TSA purposes despite being harmless and legal to own.


@Rob_T_Firefly I have a friend who's a photographer who started doing this after the third or fourth time someone stole her equipment. Works quite well, she says.

@DissidentKitty @Rob_T_Firefly I do this for my camera gear, and the case the article recommends, the iM2875 Pelican Storm Case, shows up on ebay at a quarter of the cost with some regularity. They last forever, and even in ugly condition are usually in good enough shape to lock, seal, and go.


IIRC the same applies to starter's pistols? can't recall details

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