Re: the sudden closure of @HackerRadioShow home WBAI, we have a statement posted at .

We've arranged a live "Off the Hook" for 7-9 PM this Wednesday the 9th, at the Brooklyn Commons Cafe downstairs from the station. Please spread the word and, if you are in geographic range, PLEASE come join us; a show of numbers is pretty critical.

388 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

And please show the cafe some support. They're WBAI's landlord as well, and have also been thrown into peril by the station's closure.

We are working behind the scenes to figure out our next moves, and will talk about it at the event. We're also working on getting it recorded and streamed, we'll keep you posted.

Thanks, everyone. As you can imagine this is pretty daunting, but I'm keeping the faith that this isn't the last you'll hear of @HackerRadioShow.

@Rob_T_Firefly @HackerRadioShow

If there is anything we can do, let us know. I'll throw anything I can to help.

@djsundog @Rob_T_Firefly @HackerRadioShow

can I help?

Fuck the FCC... as an old radio guy, this phrasing has never changed.

secondly, fuck corporate silo media... all of it... social media, broadcast media, print media.

Silos are for corn.

@Rob_T_Firefly @TheGibson @HackerRadioShow @djsundog Pretty sure the ideal radio station for corporate radio shit-stains is a one-room studio with transmitters all over the world, playing ads. And that room maintains itself.

@HackerRadioShow @Rob_T_Firefly @TheGibson @djsundog Well, when folks are paying extra to have the radio removed from their vehicles maybe they'll figure out that what folks really want is diametrically opposed to what these conglomerates are shoveling out. But they haven't learned with Jack stations and they haven't learned with ratings that rival a weak podcast audience so w/e.

@craigmaloney @HackerRadioShow @Rob_T_Firefly @TheGibson @djsundog

here in UK community radio and public service broadcasters are still fairly popular, but commercial stations are almost as bad as USA, and smaller broadcasters exist on volunteer work and donated/scavenged resources (like 12 year old PC's from my work I distributed between the two community stations in my district)

however its not allowed here for community stations to be in a large network or be dominated by one funder)

@Rob_T_Firefly @HackerRadioShow

If you get to the point of an auction, I'll throw in a Security Assessment for an item to sell.

@Rob_T_Firefly @HackerRadioShow

That's mega frustrating :(
According to the map, that is only 75 minutes from me... but I know NYC enough to know that its more likely gonna be 3 hours by car.


@Rob_T_Firefly @HackerRadioShow do let us know what those of us out in the boonies can do.


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