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for anyone wondering which publication, it's The Reboot.

Guess they have a email newsletter, better than nothing, or just Facebook posts

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"we're a new online publication about an open and free Internet!"

no rss feed

"Proponents of NFTs point out that each token is unique and can't be replicated, which creates a scarcity value that is good"

People have internalized capitalism that they're so incapable of fathoming something other than it, that when they run into something that capitalism can't be applied to like a digital good that is easy to give to everyone, they have to create a way that's makes it limited again and call it good.

Remember reading the Theranos book or watching film, and mentioned the Theranos clinical trials to someone very close to Ed. They just shook their head. Realized they basically run labs doing blood work. Turns out, they're the ones that did those clinical trials!

Just really funny the two worlds colliding, the gawking at reality-distorting startups, and someone close personally.

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Watched the WeWork documentary. Always like to watch these trainwrecks.

Reminded of the Theranos documentary, focused too much on the charismatic leader.

The book by the guy that broke the Theranos story, that was much better. Maybe book about WeWork will be like that.

"huh, a local IT security group, I'll check out their site"

doesn't use SSL


Economies of scale saves resources and makes things cheaper. For the producer. Meaning more profit.

What they don't tell you is it does the same thing on the consumer side as well, collective ownership means buying less things.

that people are going nuts for NFTs is when you know they've internalized capitalism, because artificial scarcity is needed for it to work on digital goods

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NFTs: DRM that doesn't even restrict access to digital items

ope, not supposed to be on the internet today

"RSS also offers very few opportunities for branding content effectively. "

drop kicks article into the Mariana Trench

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"RSS's true failing is that it doesn't allow publishers to track user behavior, which we need because the modern internet content economy is built around advertising"

get directly out of here with that

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article on RSS: tired of centralized web apps deciding what to show you? Use RSS!

Ed: yeah!

article: Use these centralized RSS web apps, now using AI to decide what to show you!

Ed: [over here using just a desktop app] ...

show me someone that buys NFTs and I'll show you someone that doesn't understand NFTs

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