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"oh, this is an interesting lefty/communist podcast, I'll subscribe to it"

only available through Apple, no RSS feed


There was a shot looking like Blade Runner with smoke stacks over LA.

And like that movie, those that could leave the planet did.

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Of course the rich with their own space station is like Neuromancer.

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They have Max making the very droids that oppress them, which is very much like THX 1138.

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Watching Elysium, the guy puts heisted date in his head and works with a guy named Spider, realizing that describes Johnny Mnemonic.

phew, thought a dying raspberry pi had the only copy of a key file I needed

USB having hard time to work, can't connect to network, basic programs seg faulting

but was able to find key, then also found copy on another machine

looks like got up to date copies of other files that would be helpful

panic averted

Made ed put on Elysium

very THX 1137 feels making cops that harass you

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when things get deep and weird

know that ed has been DRINKING

absolutely LIVID knowing the rich class are going to the stars before others

know that my skills will go to a space elevator co-op, hacking others into tickets for transports to orbit

other ... skills going to bring those at top down

I don't understand death, how do you expect me to understand twins?

The past is arriving again, with forgotten knowledge, even knowing that.

Were they looking forward? Am I looking back?

I need more limes.

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Seeking to go below the nightmares.

Not just circumnavigate, but a different perspective to observe.

local makerspace video chat:

a couple of forceful personalities dominated the discussion. they veer into a topic I actually know quite a bit about, I pipe up

they steer the convo into a totally different topic, one which they have many opinions and can expound their knowledge

can be fixed with some combination of uninstall/update Android System WebView, update Chrome. Did a few things none of which seemed to work then it did so no idea

If you don't have an option in Play to update/uninstall Android System WebView, disable Chrome in Apps, then should have the options

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