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The stories often have an independent tech with their own little shop.

Like in Cyberpunk 2077, that demo where you go in the shop for a new eye or whatever.

Recently read A Closed and Common Orbit, a main character has a tech shop.

Do we not really have those? Guess there's like small computer shops, but maybe biased that I'd never have need because just do that stuff myself.

Think a big reason don't really have that is tech companies don't want tech repairable or configurable. Or if it is you go back to the big company for it.

Something close might be the boutique tech, like Pine64, or MNT and their Reform computer. Those aren't physical shops, but can see that'd be the type of tech someone might bring to a small shop because it's kinda custom from a small company. But again, bias because type to get it would probably work on it themselves.

There any examples of this kinda thing? Does this make any sense even? What might be reasons we don't have this?

Really like tech that let's you focus on one thing without chance of notification, or temptation to look at social media.

Ebook reader, just got a Nintendo Switch and realized it's like that.

Dug up the old iPod, it was like that too. Would be great to have something that could connect to bluetooth headphones.

It just seems as soon as you get general enough to have general apps, connect to Internet, ability to endlessly scroll and get notifications just happens.

There any other tech like the evook reader or mp3 player that'd be good to use?

whelp, coming through the other side of sleep deprivation

loudly playing some Lightning Bolt while working, probably then Melt Banana

Hey @TechnicolorRainbow there's momentum to get book club going again!

There's talk of having it as an actual Jitsi call instead of just yelling into the void with a hashtag.

Pulling this out of no where, we'll do this every other Thursday, Jitsi call 8PM EST, picking up last book was doing in book club which is Hacking: The Art of Exploitation. Will see when to do first meet..

This is just a decision, to if anything get people to chime up to say it doesn't work, none of this is in stone. So if no objections we'll try this out, change if it doesn't work. We'll figure it out!

Hey @TechnicolorRainbow reading group!

Read anything good?

There's talk of rebooting book club, different format. Excite!

I get that cyberpunk anymore is looking back nostalgia with neon-tinted glasses, just wondering what the current criticism is coming from.

And funny now that neon is associated with it. Like, did Neuromancer even mention neon? Any other early stuff? Where it come from?

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Ok, so might be losing cred, but always hear how new cyberpunk media has just a veneer of neon and nothing more, has no more "punk" in "cyberpunk". How so? Is it just that huge companies are making the media? What's something that still has it, compared to something that don't, what's different?

Or are we just crusty old cyberpunks complaining?

wish these buy nothing groups weren't only on facebook

wondering how those with google smart bulbs and stuff are doing

how has Ed never seen Bring It On before?

up there with other teen movies of that time quite frankly

have bluetooth headphones, kinda annoyed how they work. if still connected to a computer, when trying to connect to another computer they only re-establish with first computer

well, first computer was off (power still connected, Windows probably in suspend or some low power). Try to connect to another PC, they aren't connecting as if still connected to first, even though should be off.

Figure, the OS isn't on, but power to the wireless chips and those are still running. Know this could be possible, just creepy to have salient facts in the face to know computer could be doing things when usually wouldn't expect it

Take away is this: the main processor isn't only "computer" in your computer. Each peripheral at this point could have its own processor and software.

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