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uh, excuse me @thegibson, I have used the 10,000 char count (the one with 10,000 new lines)

haha hearing mastodon "ba-dupes" on the video

but ya know, on topic

"I asked for a bike, I got a computer. How's that for being born under a bad sign"

Hey @TechnicolorRainbow been reading anything good?

Just finished Broad Band, book about history of women in computing. Women have been behind, or inspiration for, pretty much every innovation in tech. Of course this history will tell you how these women also got snubbed and not credited. For those familiar or with any experience, this will be both frustrating to read and not at all surprising.

But it was a really good book! Do recommend. Went into some history never heard of, even though read plenty of computing history books have never heard most of these accounts, even if learned about the tech they just don't mention who was behind it.

deleting post about awesome person so as not to be doxxed knowing them, but let's just say crazy to know them that they developed tech behind something we all know and love

may have had

looks over shoulder


which is why thinking and posting like this

and just thinking about these awesome people because missing just having a pint with them

seriously what will have now to be nostalgic about later

Raspberry Pis? Those have a micro computer feel (no don't just mean smol) [but also has feel of a micro computer that is smol]

probably have the feels about this, right here. sure it is probably a reflection of the past early web, but can imagine looking back thinking remember when we brought back that feeling. {not "remember fediverse" like it's gone because we ain't going any where}

classic scene where two people in conflict play chess to symbolize that conflict

total villain: you'll never win Ed for you see I'm infinity steps ahead, I control all the money and all the people in power

moves bishop to check

Ed: haha that one's a horse

sees how many pawns fit in mouth

villain: Damn it Ed! You'll not best me like last time!

takes queen

Ed: mouth full mmfff who ARE you

villian: you've already alerted the investigators of my plans at the dock haven't you? all along you... are those Kraft singles?

Ed: runs away dropping wrappers

these thoughts very likely brought on from reading Broad Band, history of women in computing

"Joey, you're helpless, you gotta stop letting your mother dress you"

like, you wish she dressed him

I mean cmon phantom phreak would totally dig Joey's mom's style. Probably borrowed that cat shirt from her!

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headcanon Joey's mom is really an old school hacker back from Bell Labs, that's why Joey is trying so hard is to live up to her reputation and she's upset with him not because he broke the law but because he made mistakes that got him caught

this theory brought to you from just really liking Joey's mom's style

really important to do this work

so how about you spend most of your time in meetings telling us how that work is doing?

🙃 🔫​

hookay going to log off

the potting on this board may be heating up and off-gassing

in the small closed-off home lab. but been this way for weeks and hasn't done that! unless code changed board that much...

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