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kinda funny we're back at the suggestion dark themes can save power (this time around for OLED on battery, not power-hunger cathode ray monitors)

so annoy

just wish people would say entirely what to do when you ask them

"just do x"

"ok did x still no work"

"well of course you also gotta do y"

Hey @TechnicolorRainbow #TechnicolorRainbow how you all doing?! How'd it get to be July??

Reading anything good? We were last doing Hacking: Art of Exploitation, but don't think that has been too active.

But really not "assigning" certain books for the month, this a weird time for all. Personally, still haven't finished past books like Accelerando, haven't started True Names.

Got the library hold for the new Murderbot book so read that while had it. Anyone else like that series?

"Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm

In what may be the first known case of its kind, a faulty facial recognition match led to a Michigan man’s arrest for a crime he did not commit."

calling it, the Linux fox is THE mascot for Linux*

*not in any official way insofar as we can just collectively decide it

lewd, cursed, stupid 

Visited father person yesterday, gave them some stuff involving computer files.

Had previously fixed up their PC and got it setup and running good. Went to open these files and the computer is now just about unusable.

Two different anti-virus suites installed, had desktop apps installed for things you'd normally just use the website (Amazon, eBay, etc. apps), the browser screen was mostly add-on menu bars.

Simply could not. Decided to just walk away. Think whenever they see something on a website that says "Install the app/add-on!" they say yes every time, maybe not realizing you can just not do that.

Sure they're not computer experts but just, ugh, you could just not do those things.

Hey all, just been quiet, gettin stuff done in the background.

But you all keep up the fight. Or if you need, take a break, get rested up for when you do get back in there.

Second coat is risky, but could work if one nail looks weak

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Zoya Leopard Spot Topper is cooool

Put over bright orange looks like magma

Over rainbow holographic is like some Lisa Frank trapper keeper shiz

Find a thick coat with as few strokes prevents a smear look

And just sooo fun to watch it work

Been hearing how if you're stopped by cops, ask if you're free to go, you want a phone call/lawyer, then say nothing else, all good.

No idea about police, but an interrogation/interview technique is to sit quiet after asking a question and even after you answer to make it awkward for you to talk more.

Personally, liked to embrace the awkward. But if you don't, think of it as a moment of zen, take a breath and center yourself, they only got you there because they don't got you. They wouldn't waste time if they did.

warm nights like this, miss running through the darkness, through the hidden places

Quantum computers were a good idea, until they introduced branch prediction, which, like traditional computers it didn't predict so much as run all possibilities in parallel and take the actual one.

However, unlike traditional computers, the quantum ones created alternative realities with each branch, taking the "real" one once the states coalesced.

Alternate program execution realities weren't the issue either. That is, until the darkest of those timelines learned how to inject malicious code into the others.

#TootFic #TootFiction

Check out this new startup!

Really exciting to see how they'll disrupt their market, especially after their pivot.

crust cyberpunk?
idunno workshopping this

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