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I Don't Feel Like Buying Stuff Anymore

“After 9/11, and again after the 2008 recession, there was the idea that consumers should somehow patriotically spend to revive the economy. And who benefited disproportionately? Billionaires.”

don't mind me, just your local cyber trash gremlin all up in your garbage file

aw dang piratebox shutting down? oh well been thinking doing something custom with raspi zero ws any way.

"essential worker" is just another term for "proletariat"

HTown face covering came just in time! Had to actually go in office.

Feel kinda subversive wearing it here.

If you blow into a USB flash drive, it creates the fabled 2600 Hz which is only audible to the most elite of hackers.

"A company decided to stop paying its drivers, so one of them parked his truck on the owners Ferrari & left it there."

Springer has made books freely available.

(haven't looked too much, did notice more like FPGA stuff if you uncheck "computer science", so look around)

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