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So not the only RadicalEdward on f@h (?!).

It says not all points going to htown? That because some going to those imposter teams? if so, will set a new unique user.

hey f @ h gimme some work units its getting cold in here

Tor's free ebook of the month is John Scalzi's Redshirts.

Requires email registration, and says for US and Canada only (you tell them when you select with a drop down, and an option for "other"?)

Stuck in because of pandemic? Go outside and look at stars!

  • free and won't catch the virus!
  • reminded when they align the elder gods will return!
  • go mad contemplating your insignificance!
  • they twinkle!

Was once in deep woods.

Nearly tripped over venomous snakes. Was so remote, a bite would likely be death, certainly amputation.

But reminded that they see humans as the threat.

So like to think that in the wider world. Can feel attacked, but the lashing out at you is fear.

You are terrifying.

looking for

melancholy soundscapes

music for a dream forgotten

After stories about rich people fleeing to bunkers to avoid this pandemic, Cory Doctorow released the audio book for his novella The Masque of the Red Death, a story about rich people fleeing to a bunker.

The lesson is civilization thrives when we help each other and not hide hoarding stuff, and that's what he's trying to do here with releasing this audio for free.

Was there some post about making your own ventilator?

welding the rich's disaster bunkers shut with them inside too keep them extra safe

that small bit of anxiety when someone asks "was this you?" on your (pseudo) anonymous account

Have they tried curing coronavirus with the blockchain?

"Surfing the Internet" was a term coined after one of the creators of the Internet, Vint Cerf.

Interesting to see the author that brought us "cyberspace" hunt and peck with a single finger while typing. Not what you'd think of his characters that use cyberdecks.

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