Ed rages against the chaos.

Know this with cold logic and deep knowledge.

@fractumseraph oh, those are retired. doing search for them left as an exercise for the reader

One thing that comes to mind remember having that was "Hackers" looking gear around that time was this industrial looking portable CD player that came in this hardshell plastic case with a strap. It totally had this 90s military cyberdeck look.

And yes, rollerbladed the city streets listening to it 😎

ah yes, causing the stock market to drop a few points is certainly the most egregious offense

like, seriously, if it actually happened wouldn't be surprised if it was seen that way

(yes, watching Hackers)

@vortex_egg and it seems to be seeping into media, peoples minds again?

maybe we're past the 80s and time to look back at that time now

maybe getting nostalgic again

watched Halt & Catch Fire, read Incredible Doom

anything else like that about the early PC era, like where you got a PC in a basement, hitting early Internet sites?


yeah same...

at least found the issue been having.

people develop embedded code first on desktop then cross compile. but Ed's the one that actually runs on embedded system instead of a VM. their network queues are always instantaneously handled, not Ed's. so they're like why your code not working, while Ed is finding they set their queue size to zero which what the heck embedded can't handle that fast


Just want to say that this sounds neat. Reminded of PirateBox (which seems no longer active?)

How you host files on it?

well, looks like maybe once you pull it up, afterwords asks for creating an account

must be something in cookies, pulled up in private tab and showed whole book and didn't ask to create an account.

(saved copy if anyone really can't read it.)

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senses several new instances being spun up

"New TLD available for registration starting on September 16th: .gay "


The commisioners of the e-sport league decided the artificial intelligence could play. There's a rule against assistance from aim bots, but the AI isn't being assisted, it is the bot.

They're still reviewing the rules, but this will likely fall under guidelines for enhanced humans.

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