stupid work training gripe 

Company training: Your coworker Greg told you to go to a website for a funny joke he found. Do you:

  • Go to the site, it must be okay if he recommended it
  • Go to the site but quickly close in case it's not ok
  • Go to the website on your personal computer on your own time so you don't possibly infect the company computer

Where's my option to just not go to the site because I don't want to infect my personal computer either and don't even give a shit about the site and why are you talking to me while I'm trying to work GREG

already can see weather breaking in the northern hemisphere field day when?

been a year since concerts

this is a morning to listen to music that shreds

@ColinTheMathmo @tek

I could have used this when I called to replace my Kindle because it had a cracked screen.

The support person asked me to turn it off and on again. Then asked if that fixed the cracked screen.

It did not.

Statement from Gab founder: "there's no evidence of these 'alleged' hacks, but also don't worry we know about them and already patched them"

@dumpsterqueer the writer said he recently celebrated his 70th birthday, and this was written a few years ago, so basically

Reviews also use terms like "self agrandizing", "ego", "Megalomania"

Reading this book on Scrum for work (ugh, I know) and hard to get through.

The first part of how to do tasks is fine because that's like for the developer.

The second part which is more for manager types is blech though. Talking about how to make workers happier because they'll have "passion" for the job. From personal experience, seeing others, and reading about that crap, jobs demanding passion is gross.

Then there's a bunch of gendered stuff. Like some good-old-boy comments like "Product owner role is like your wife, she says what she wants and you do it."

And when describing Scrum used in classrooms, boys are described as smart, and girls are slender and pretty.

Then it was saying how a firm used Scrum to help poor farmers in Uganda, and they stressed not by giving handouts, but using "microfinancing".

Just ew.

work gripe 

ed: "hey your thing not working as expected"

them: "been using it for some time, it's solid"

ed: "here's a trace, it literally shows it not working"

them: "my wireshark crashes when I open traces, my thing works"

ew, firefox shows still shows sponsored sites in url bar as a suggestion even after disabling Top Sites and Recommended by Pocket in Preferences->Home.

Turns out you have to also disable sponsored sites under each of those also. What kind of non-intuitive UI is that where if you disable the top-most it doesn't disable everything under it?

re: tech recruiter 

@c0debabe they're looking for someone entitled, impulsive, unaccountable, and attention-seeking?

"Why France’s New Tech ‘Repairability Index’ Is a Big Deal"

this is cool, but didn't see from the article if it includes ability to program yourself

doesn't matter if you can replace the batter if the software is out of date an insecure and doesn't work and can't replace it


Funny when people tell you git is great because it doesn't need a centralized server, then complain they can't do work when github goes down.

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