the new "checkout my soundcloud" is now "buy the NFT of this post" 🤮

re: Doctor Who 

@Anarkat Really? Been a while, can't remember...

Have you always wanted to try lab-grown human meat, but weren't sure about who it came from?

With MeMeat™, you know exactly who it came from. You!

Our process involves screening for the ideal muscle cultures from your genome, then growing them on our proprietary mold scaffolds to produce the most succulent cuts of meat.

MeMeat™: It's not just people. It's you.

re: eye contact, movie trailer image 

@CyberpunkLibrarian wait you mean it's not

reading Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino.

first essay is comparing the early internet where people were excited about communities like each other's blog on a subject, to today where stuff on the internet is just made to agitate us for more clicks and now we're looking at stuff all day that makes us sad

think that's the only tech essay like this, others are on like reality tv

You got this ad on Hackers.Town because you're a console cowboy teaming up with a razorgirl.

This ad used your location under neon lights in the rain-soaked streets of the megalopolis.

You're into military-grade black ICE to use in the run on the artificial intelligence in charge of the conglomerate.

had to try four times to come up with a fake startup name that wasn't already real

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They always say do what you love to make money.

Well, with Joiblr, you can! Literally!

Your happiness is a commodity, and with our platform you can monetize it.

So you no longer have to do something just for the fun of it. Do it for the side hustle as well!

@Anarkat I want a cat girl with short shorts and loooonnnng pockets.

@socketwench couldn't finish that one

really like A Closed and Common Orbit though. Pepper is cool!

yeah may check out The Galaxy, And the Ground Within. need something now that done with Fugitive Telemetry, latest in Murderbot series.

Hackers Town: breeding ground for tranks, lobos, and zip-heads.

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