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recently read again too! finally followed some of the stuff haven't quite got before

@cy @Anarkat yeah, I guess a lot of what people took away from Down and Out was the reputation economy was cool when Doctorow was like "no this is a warning", so he made it very explicit in Walkaway what that kind of meritocracy would get you

@GeoffWozniak @TechnicolorRainbow oh yeah just totally casual at this point, read whatever whenever and post using the group, hashtag, or in the Matrix group we have

@Anarkat That was our first book! Picked because seemed a good fit for fediverse.

Doctorow has been interested in post-scarcity for some time, his Down and Out in the Magic Kindom (which Walkaway is basically a prequel for it) also deals with it. He seems to come to it from the fact that we now have digital goods and those are already post-scarcity (costs nothing to create copies, no limit on number of copies) and his advocacy around digital rights deals with that.

Good point that a lot of it is how to get people to work together. Doctorow said the book is mostly about that, the idea of "theory of the firm", but he also said he recognizes people might not see it as a book about that, much like Bradbury said Fahrenheit 451 is a book about mass media reducing interest in literature but people now just see it as a book about book burning.

Anything else interest or irk you about the book?

Here's a bunch of Doctorow's similar work if interested:

Doctorow seems a fan of Burning Man, and it looks like an influence for the book. His story The Man Who Sold The Moon involves a Burning Man type festival, and fabrication.


His short story Print Crime is also on the theme of fabrication.


Chicken Little is a short story about a super rich person being kept alive in a vat, similar to the one mentioned in Walkaway.


Party Discipline is a short story in the Walkaway world about a student without many prospects after high school deciding to throw a Communist party.


Hey @TechnicolorRainbow #TechnicolorRainbow how you all doing?! How'd it get to be July??

Reading anything good? We were last doing Hacking: Art of Exploitation, but don't think that has been too active.

But really not "assigning" certain books for the month, this a weird time for all. Personally, still haven't finished past books like Accelerando, haven't started True Names.

Got the library hold for the new Murderbot book so read that while had it. Anyone else like that series?

"Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm

In what may be the first known case of its kind, a faulty facial recognition match led to a Michigan man’s arrest for a crime he did not commit."


calling it, the Linux fox is THE mascot for Linux*

*not in any official way insofar as we can just collectively decide it

lewd, cursed, stupid 

Visited father person yesterday, gave them some stuff involving computer files.

Had previously fixed up their PC and got it setup and running good. Went to open these files and the computer is now just about unusable.

Two different anti-virus suites installed, had desktop apps installed for things you'd normally just use the website (Amazon, eBay, etc. apps), the browser screen was mostly add-on menu bars.

Simply could not. Decided to just walk away. Think whenever they see something on a website that says "Install the app/add-on!" they say yes every time, maybe not realizing you can just not do that.

Sure they're not computer experts but just, ugh, you could just not do those things.

Hey all, just been quiet, gettin stuff done in the background.

But you all keep up the fight. Or if you need, take a break, get rested up for when you do get back in there.

@socketwench Perfectly fine! Thank you for the concern!

Just have some things to get done. And took time off to be outdoors!

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