Statement from Gab founder: "there's no evidence of these 'alleged' hacks, but also don't worry we know about them and already patched them"

"this looks like a cool guide to do this new hobby"

just a list of Amazon affiliate links for things to buy

"I asked for a bike, I got a computer. How's that for being born under a bad sign"

Visited father person yesterday, gave them some stuff involving computer files.

Had previously fixed up their PC and got it setup and running good. Went to open these files and the computer is now just about unusable.

Two different anti-virus suites installed, had desktop apps installed for things you'd normally just use the website (Amazon, eBay, etc. apps), the browser screen was mostly add-on menu bars.

Simply could not. Decided to just walk away. Think whenever they see something on a website that says "Install the app/add-on!" they say yes every time, maybe not realizing you can just not do that.

Sure they're not computer experts but just, ugh, you could just not do those things.

"A company decided to stop paying its drivers, so one of them parked his truck on the owners Ferrari & left it there."

when working on a full complete very good reply but someone beats you with a short quick one

(tip o the hat to @socketwench )

tracing non-Euclidean folds in paper to make a fortune teller

each opening of the fold and count are an infinite number of realities coelescing

the lifting of the final flap is all possibilities collapsing to a single point


any way, good thing we don't have Obama's death panels

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