was thinking about how fake dog could get rekt, then thought of bucky balls, thousands and thousands of tiny strong rare earth magnets, getting around and weighing down joints and actuators that probably need very precise control to keep it up

@RadicalEdward imagining that scene in The Incredibles with the sticky black goo ball cannons

@thegibson @RadicalEdward

Just not in the same pocket as your wallet ;)

Would be fun to do some adversarial camera/pattern tracking stuff... defcon fakedog village when?

@RadicalEdward Pretty expensive way to wreck something that you could also just like blow up with standard munitions.

@RadicalEdward I wonder have they any MEMS components that might break permanently from exposure to Helium, as iPhones did? 🎈


The joints could get fouled up. If it's not possible to get close enough to yank out the battery, some construction foam should do the trick.

Sprayed onto the highlighted "pinch points" the foam would probably impede rotation enough to fuck up movement calculations, and sprayed onto external sensors, the air voids and opaque nature would be disabling to radar, lidar, and cameras.

Construction foam is my go-to for "how do I fuck up a complex mechanical device?"

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