longer toot about Ready Player One 

listening to Ready Player One audio book in the background even though there's problems with it. Do like the mmo world and how the story builds up

Biggest problem is it's a nerd dick-measuring contest story written for dick-measuring nerds.

Then there's the love interest that he's creepy to, and she's not written well. I skip over the chapters where it's either just a dick-measure contest in the basement, or when the guy is not searching and is just talking to the girl.

Then there's the representation issue just all crammed at the very end. "Here's the end of the book. Oh, also here have a fat gay black woman."

And for all the talk that anyone could be anything and there could be tons of women avatars even if they're played by guys, the only women we hear of in the OASIS are the love interest, or maybe the one receptionist.

It's funny how Andy Weir (author of The Martian) wrote a back story for the main bad guy, then the author of RPO said yes this is canon. Like, of course you liked the fanfic, he actually gave one of your characters some depth.

Just heard the part about null zones, where neither magic or technology work. then how do people get there or leave there?

And the whole "must protect OASIS from being taken over by big corp" is funny. The OASIS is even described as being "open-source". Like, the entire internet is reduced to a single company you give money to go somewhere different or to buy imaginary real-estate.

but idunno, still enjoy most of the story, gonna keep listening

longer toot about Ready Player One 

@RadicalEdward I always kind of imagined it was like second life; where you have to run your own server if you want your own space (or rent space on someone else's server), but you can connect to it from the main world and the company manages the shared economy

re: longer toot about Ready Player One 

@rgegriff that'd be cool

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