article on RSS: tired of centralized web apps deciding what to show you? Use RSS!

Ed: yeah!

article: Use these centralized RSS web apps, now using AI to decide what to show you!

Ed: [over here using just a desktop app] ...

"RSS's true failing is that it doesn't allow publishers to track user behavior, which we need because the modern internet content economy is built around advertising"

get directly out of here with that

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"RSS also offers very few opportunities for branding content effectively. "

drop kicks article into the Mariana Trench

@RadicalEdward if by branding effectively they mean metric-y tracking, then yeah. that's the point :blobpopcorn:

@c0debabe apparently font, logo, colors.

worked with marketing types that were picky about that stuff, yeah they'd have a fit if you showed their articles an RSS reader

@RadicalEdward @c0debabe Giving into designers desire to dictate the layout and styling of documents instead of the user-agent was an atrocious mistake and ground we should've defended to our dying breathes.

@c0debabe then again, they all post on twatter facebork instagrum and have to use those website's styles

@RadicalEdward Please, no. Don’t litter the ocean. The Mariana Trench did not deserve this.

@RadicalEdward You can brand as there's a space for a logo. No need for more.

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