article on RSS: tired of centralized web apps deciding what to show you? Use RSS!

Ed: yeah!

article: Use these centralized RSS web apps, now using AI to decide what to show you!

Ed: [over here using just a desktop app] ...

"RSS's true failing is that it doesn't allow publishers to track user behavior, which we need because the modern internet content economy is built around advertising"

get directly out of here with that

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"RSS also offers very few opportunities for branding content effectively. "

drop kicks article into the Mariana Trench

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@RadicalEdward I think I'm too old to understand the modern internet.

And I know I keep saying I'm old, but I'm really not...

@RadicalEdward I was recently looking for a new RSS reader, something that could maybe display articles in a grid format because I follow a lot of image stuff and it makes it easier to sort through the entries and know which JPGs I'll want to right-click.

Came across one that looked promising. Oh look! Right here! A grid layout! That might be....

AI? It's got an "AI assistant" to tell me what I want to see?

Haven't noped out of anything that quickly in a while.

@CyberpunkLibrarian @RadicalEdward
I would be happy to try an AI assistant, provided it's locally hosted and trained by me.

@RadicalEdward My AI assistant intelligently orders things by date.

@lordbowlich sorry but you're assistant sounds like a simpleton, but does a good job

@RadicalEdward What are you currently using for server and client? I'm looking to get away from feedly.

@nomad Thunderbird, so not really a server/client, just all local on my PC

but may go to something hosted on like a Raspberry Pi, so can read stuff on phone or PC at home. Don't know which, but saw that there's one to avoid as the person behind it is a known "not good person"

@RadicalEdward I'll be interested in what you find. I'd like self-hosted web service.

@djsundog @RadicalEdward I'm really hoping to avoid things like php.

But that's just my old timer bias.

@nomad @RadicalEdward I just lean on yunohost for most of my self-hosted web apps these days and they've got it packaged so I didn't even realize what backend tech it was using ;)

@djsundog Hmm. I DO like the idea of not relying on Feedly, who increasingly (albeit slowly and incrementally) want to monetize my eyeballs. I'll poke at FreshRSS, thanks.

@greyduck for sure - I used my pre-existing yunohost installation to install it so I can't speak to the install/setup process, but it's been good as a client for me for sure

@Tjiho @RadicalEdward mentioned that elsewhere in this stream, saying it was quite buggy.

@nomad @RadicalEdward oh ok i use it on my server, and it works quite well. But I'm not on the last version.

@RadicalEdward @nomad

I actually did start looking into writing a rust backend that was API-compatible with TT-RSS, but the painful part is that the API is so incredibly stringly typed that it is an absolute pain to work with since clients are allowed to send all sorts of weird types.

But if I did power through it and write something that could act as a server, it would save me from writing a whole new client application. You wouldn't get web support for it though.

@RadicalEdward if by branding effectively they mean metric-y tracking, then yeah. that's the point :blobpopcorn:

@c0debabe apparently font, logo, colors.

worked with marketing types that were picky about that stuff, yeah they'd have a fit if you showed their articles an RSS reader

@RadicalEdward @c0debabe Giving into designers desire to dictate the layout and styling of documents instead of the user-agent was an atrocious mistake and ground we should've defended to our dying breathes.

@c0debabe then again, they all post on twatter facebork instagrum and have to use those website's styles

@RadicalEdward Please, no. Don’t litter the ocean. The Mariana Trench did not deserve this.

@RadicalEdward You can brand as there's a space for a logo. No need for more.

@RadicalEdward where does this bullshit come from?! 😱

@RadicalEdward It's a feature! Built-in compliance with GDPR and CCPA will save your business millions in consulting fees to privacy and compliance experts, and your users will love you for not prying into their personal lives. RSS is a win-win!

@RadicalEdward you can easily stick tracking pixels in the html, if you're forced to infect it like that

@RadicalEdward I'm not sure what the source is, but I guess mostly from one those growth hacker marketing tumors

@RadicalEdward Ah yes, the reason I want to use RSS is to have content algorithmically picked for me

@RadicalEdward i do actually like having my rss reader on the web, mostly to keep things synced between my multiple devices? so i use which is teeny-tiny and self-hosted, has no ai nonsense whatsoever, and pretty much Just Works :blobfoxuwu:

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