work gripe 

Ed's part has been done for MONTHS. as soon as done, told the guy who'd be using it that it's ready. Nothing.

several weeks ago, project manager told guy to use Ed's part to make sure the guy can use it. Nothing.

Now, as it's closer to shipping, the guy scheduled to try out Ed's part.

This is how it'll play out. He won't be able to fully use it or won't like something about it. With it being close to shipping it'll be a BIG THING even though Ed has been done for months.

Ed has all the receipts, but regardless, it's in Ed's lap to hurry and change something.


re: work gripe 

Even in response to this meeting, told the guy the details about it again (first told details when was done months ago).

Will bet good money this guy will not look at that, then ask questions that are already answered, then will ask why only now being told about it.

re: work gripe 

@RadicalEdward Sounds like he's in danger of being replaced with a shell script, if his actions are that predictable >_>

Of course version two will address some of the deficiencies of version one...

re: work gripe 

@RadicalEdward Thus speaks one with experience.

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