The stories often have an independent tech with their own little shop.

Like in Cyberpunk 2077, that demo where you go in the shop for a new eye or whatever.

Recently read A Closed and Common Orbit, a main character has a tech shop.

Do we not really have those? Guess there's like small computer shops, but maybe biased that I'd never have need because just do that stuff myself.

Think a big reason don't really have that is tech companies don't want tech repairable or configurable. Or if it is you go back to the big company for it.

Something close might be the boutique tech, like Pine64, or MNT and their Reform computer. Those aren't physical shops, but can see that'd be the type of tech someone might bring to a small shop because it's kinda custom from a small company. But again, bias because type to get it would probably work on it themselves.

There any examples of this kinda thing? Does this make any sense even? What might be reasons we don't have this?


computer, show me pictures like those where people are in a cozy room surrounded by tech, but this time it's also a shop, maybe a cat curled up in a corner

because that's basically the current situation, not a shop, but do got the cozy room of tech and a cat curled up in the comfy chair. it's used for taking tea breaks and reading when not on tech stuff, but the cat curls up on it when not used

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