maybe getting nostalgic again

watched Halt & Catch Fire, read Incredible Doom

anything else like that about the early PC era, like where you got a PC in a basement, hitting early Internet sites?

@vortex_egg and it seems to be seeping into media, peoples minds again?

maybe we're past the 80s and time to look back at that time now

@RadicalEdward it does feel like its time is coming back now. The other day I saw someone mention the same thing on here: Sitting in a basement with wood paneling, accessing an early website with a dial up modem on an old PC... there’s a feeling of it.

I wonder if it’s pronounced for us on fedi who grew up with that and have those fond memories? Or if there’s something about the social isolation of quarantines and connecting to people only online?

@vortex_egg @RadicalEdward I just realized I'm sitting in a basement with wood paneling right now, hoarding my cell data until our internet connection is established soon, and so having to carefully consider which sites to visit.

I don't miss all the shouting and ads and animations.

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