@LexPendragon Good! Need to be more active tho. There's sun out so maybe get to a park.

Not a bad idea. I've been to a grocery store nearly every day this last week, waiting to see if they finally restocked the Chick Peas.

@LexPendragon Wow those were out? Some of the weirdest things have been hoarded. Can't find full fat coconut milk anywhere. Just want to make this peanut noodle recipe! Like, was the milk out and they think that's an alternative? Not really that kind of milk. At least that means people aren't that afraid of Asian things?

@RadicalEdward We haven't needed to get new toilet paper, as we luckily had stocked up before this all started, but I keep looking to see how that empty those shelves are. Chicken seems to be rare. Loaves of cheap bread, too.

@LexPendragon Lucked out and got chicken just as they got a shipment in, was bare otherwise. bread too

@RadicalEdward While at CostCo, I panicked and got another 25 lbs. bag of rice, even though I am pretty sure we still have 10 lbs. left.

@arcans Am good! Gonna clean if gonna be stuck in here, get some flowers in the place to make it happy. Hopefully cats don't eat them.

@RadicalEdward Yeah, cleaning is something I ought to do at some point too, but I have a woodshopping projet to finish first.

Flowers and plants in general are a really good idea if you’re doing to stay inside, really. I have few, it just makes the place way more livable, even more breathable!

@RadicalEdward Well, everyone is trying to do something. I need a squat rack, I have wood, a few tools, but neither metal nor any experience at metalworking, soo… Woodworking it is!

@RadicalEdward Pretty well. I learned a nice way to box joinery with a table saw and I'm practicing sewing again

How are things with you?

@cypnk So coool! Been wanting to get into wood working! know someone with a shop, should hit them up after all this blows over.

Been good! Need to be more physical and move around more, will probably get outside today. And may need to find toilet paper somewhere...

@RadicalEdward If you really run low on toilet paper, here's a tip from camping: Paper napkins

I see some folks defaulting to paper towels and you really don't want that. Way too rough on the skin. You really don't wanna be sore down there. Paper napkins are a little less absorbent, but better than the alternative. Also facial tissues might work too

Besides, paper napkins are always gonna be available because people aren't thinking that far ahead

@cypnk Heard paper towels and face tissues don't break down in sewers.

If need, got bio wipes in backpacking supplies, those break down really easy.

If anything, go to hardware store and get one of those bidet attachments.

@RadicalEdward Newer ones do break down more easily (I guess manufacturers figured out people were flushing these things)

Bidet attachment is the better idea 👍

@remotenemesis Yeah, give 'em what for!

Pretty good, pets are getting on nerves lately.

@RadicalEdward a little bored actually, but I found a lot of time to finish my little projects so, it's all good by now. How about you?

@crispr All right, keppin busy!

Doing good! Should work on projects too.

@RadicalEdward Behind on my day-gig responsibilities as usual; but, I did make some minor amount of project on my #rc2014 #fpga project.

I guess I'll spend today catching up on the day-gig stuff.

@RadicalEdward The short explanation: github.com/sam-falvo/VDC-II

The long explanation involves my #Kestrel3 homebrew computer project. ;)

@RadicalEdward Staying relatively positive. Not sleeping too well, and still struggling to get into a new routine. But I definitely feel pretty lucky right now -- safe, and my needs are mostly met.

How are you?

@erosdiscordia Doin gooooood!

yeah sleep can be hard, gonna try working out more to get more tired, cut back drinking.

@RadicalEdward Both of those are good ideas...that I should probably imitate.

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