Random idea: use fediverse as comment section of web pages.

Have a unique tag indicating overall site, and specific page on that site.

Page does a search for tag, displays posts with it as comments.

Posting comment on that page works like those "share" buttons that open say twitter but with some pregen text (the tag for this page) then you add the rest of text as what you want to say.

@RadicalEdward I try that sometimes but I need to figure out how to integrate better than just linking to the thread and saying "Comment here!"

@RadicalEdward Why not make the web pages fediverse posts themselves, so that they can be replied to?

@alva @RadicalEdward

There's a wordpress plugin for that, but I find my wordpress posts don't translate well to the fediverse. I rely on normal text formatting like bold and italics and, for whatever reason, there's resistance into implementing this on many fediverse platforms.

@celesteh @RadicalEdward I see. Maybe the fediverse posts could be a title and lede paragraph, with a link to the full thing then?

@RadicalEdward why use hashtag based hacks when you can just expose the webpage as an article in the fediverse, and let people reply to that article with their comments. Then you'd also automatically get all the benefits of posts federating between servers, and it would spread the visibility of your page better than a hashtag - because there's a direct link right there!

@zatnosk how to "expose webpage as article on fediverse"?

Saying just make a post on fedivers with link to page, and on page comment section is replies to that fediverse post?

@RadicalEdward that is one option.
A less hacky option would be to make a plugin for wordpress or whatever CMS you use*, that exposes the page itself as an Article post.

E.g. something like this:

(*and if you're not using some kind of CMS and you want comments, you should probably start using some kind of CMS)

@zatnosk @RadicalEdward I was thinking that we should have a fediverse equivalent of disqus that just exposes a comments section to be included as an iframe. That should be able to work with static site generators too.

Too many projects on the todo list but maybe one day...

@BalooUriza Sadly no. Came to mind when I was thinking of getting rid of Disqus from my blog.

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