A friend got injured and now having trouble paying their Uber Ambulance.

They have some Libra cryptocoin saved but are short.

But Facebook is having a promotion of double rewards for extra engagement, so if you can give a like or share it would really help them.

@RadicalEdward I simultaneously want to star this and black hole this

@RadicalEdward you know it's good satire when you have to make multiple passes and engage the slow brain

@RadicalEdward I'd like to help but unfortunately my Libra account is temporarily blocked because my yesterday's post went against Facebook community standard.

@fuxoft @RadicalEdward I'd help but my salary is blocked because I had a controversial pic of my kid playing outside.

@RadicalEdward @xiroux
TBH, is this so different from the current state (in the US) where people have to set up patreons for their health issues and whether that succeeds depends on their social media popularity?

@RadicalEdward It is frightening that i didn't understand it was fiction at first.

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