Thinking of fond moments with computers that are now considered nostalgic, wondering what was thought of at the time?

Don't really think at the time, "Gonna boot this up one early ass morning when can't sleep and remember these as the good-ol days."

No, just thought, hey good to go over friend's house to play this game, or going into these chat rooms.

Then thought is this now a time like that? Will now be wistfully looked back upon?

Don't really look back upon too recent tech in that way. Is there a cycle to this? Has it just not been that long? Or is it an age thing, were those older ones from the time that those feelings are developed and any later tech are thenceforth at ages that one can no longer form bonds with?

Is it generational? Can tech be so ubiquitous that it can't be novel, those that are "digital natives" not going to remember the iPad they grew up with their parents having them play on?

Tech can be crap, so scary to think today's tech that is thought of with cynicism could ever be remembered with happiness.

But do think things now like the fediverse may just be looked back upon with the same kind of warm contentment.

So looking around here right now, thinking some day may spin up an instance "like the good-ol days" and connect to the fedi, to remember all you weird, kind Internet folk who made nice memories for Ed.

@RadicalEdward "Nostalgia while it's still happening" is one of the gifts of living long enough to feel it.

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