Remember when it was cool that your spare compute power could be used to look for aliens or cure cancer instead of creating digital money?



I'm currently using a really neat thing to transform voices from my past history, accents I rarely hear here in Finland, to read books that I would like to listen to - but it needs lots of gpu power.

I was thinking "this could be distributed" but then "hmm, is this a good use of our electrical grid" - possibly not.

And also "you know, this is just going to be used for bad things."

So I'm not persuing it.

But yeah. A grid for good = a grid for good. Why on earth is the grid for harm being propped up so much (don't answer that we already know, we just are amazed that people fall for it when it's been done so. many. freaking. times. before.) SETI home i think they where called...

does quick search
looks like their not doing anything right now.

@RadicalEdward I had a similar thought. are there not crypto coin esque things that use these actual useful computations for their proof of work?

@RadicalEdward the problem is capitalism. this dangerous ideology leads to egoistic thinking and threatens the common good.

(I'm still contributing to WCG)

@RadicalEdward Besides SETI and proteine folding projects, I remember participating with my Pentium II in the DES Cracker back in 1998 or 1999 🥲

@RadicalEdward mine still does. Incidentally you can also setup BOINC so that you earn GridCoin for the work done.

@RadicalEdward (unironically) society if all mining power was used for folding@home instead

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