Companies privatize the profits but socialize the risks, like the waste they produce to maximize those profits.

A way to combat that would be to make them pay upfront for any cost associated with their waste. They then have incentive to not produce as much waste.

But we know any dip in their profits will be fought tooth and nail.

@RadicalEdward The counter argument is always "they'll just pass the cost onto the consumers"

At this point, I'd love for them to pass the cost on. Go ahead. Because the state right now is that even if I wanted to spend the money to buy something rock solid, I can't.

My options are 1) cheap crap that's going to break and 2) expensive crap with useless bells and whistles that's going to break.


For sure they'll play the "pass cost to consumers" as a reason it shouldn't be done. But that assumes they aren't already charging the maximum amount they can that won't turn enough buyers away, which is just silly to believe.

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