I like FOSS and a lot off FOSS ideals, but I don't particularly like the community that tends to evolve around FOSS projects. In my experience, they tend to be aggressively pragmatic and petulant at the expense of the voices of people who do not enjoy the relative privilege required to hold dearly to those ideals while struggling under the jackboot of capitalism.

It's not everyone or every project, but it's pervasive enough that if you are part of or are building a community within that ideosphere, you should probably put something in place in your dev process and community moderation practices that address it because, well, you're probably just not seeing it.

@NOCARRIER sometimes the ideology overcomes people. i went on a three year journey where i tried to use only Free Software and encountered a lot of what you're talking about. i had more problems with people than i did with the software.

@NOCARRIER This is so true. I think I see this topic at every FLOSS conference I ever go to. I saw this guide

@mnw this is an interesting resource. I'll take a look at it!

@NOCARRIER I wish I could remember the speaker's name but at Texas Linux fest a few years ago the keynote was about building communities. That's when I first realized that not all online communities were friendly and some were actually toxic. good luck! I wish you all the best in this journey

@NOCARRIER this seems to be worse the larger (more popular) the project gets.

That’s been my experience anyway.

@NOCARRIER i had to stare at this a while to make sure I was understanding you. So this is an honest request for clarification; did you mean aggressively dogmatic?

My understanding-
Dogmatic: purism with specs from a decade ago at a price that would get you cutting edge elsewhere
Pragmatic: system76 with specs that work at a moderate premium
Really pragmatic: buy a used business grade laptop from Ebay at a steal and install your OS of choice...

@cryptoxic Good catch. I meant dogmatic. Not specifically as in your example, but yeah.

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