I've been in the video game industry since 1999. I've worked, in a variety of roles, on over 40 shipped titles. I've worked for a large variety of game studios, making everything from PC games to console games, to video slot machines for casinos.

The impact I've had on those games are still talked about in quiet, closed-door conversations at Electronic Arts and Microsoft. I started doing security-related testing and validation for online games and eventually became a game designer and developer, and finally in 2012, created my own studio.

I am credited on exactly one game. The game that my studio put out.

We desperately need a game industry union and one of the many reasons is to make sure that all contributions to a game are acknowledged and credited.

Thanks for coming to my HTOWNTalk.

@NOCARRIER Thanks for this; I feel this is necessary for all software, not just games. Credit where its due!

@NOCARRIER wasn't this why EA was originally founded (before completely going off course and becoming the very monster they feared?)

@polychrome @NOCARRIER Or Activision for that matter? Credit in games is serious biz, and trying to figure out who did what in a lot of titles is a mess in itself (especially if there were subcontracting firms like TOSE involved)

@polychrome @NOCARRIER This was true of Activision, which also became that which they feared.

@craigmaloney @polychrome @NOCARRIER and my entire adult life has been witness to the same thing happening to epic

publicly traded companies should not be allowed to make games

@NOCARRIER I've been pretty surprised at how much ground the Actors Guild has given /w regards to credits in the past decade. With Netflix etc. auto-skipping them. I suppose there's IMDB to handle that, but...

We've gone a long way since when they sued George Lucas for moving them to the end of the film.

@NOCARRIER I fear whittling my capital on a couple years doing an Indie game, with how the politics and abuse have continued to grow these past decades, within the Industry and without.


Go #FOSS then. One of the things that I really appreciate about free software is that it is almost always associated with specific names, #Linux being an extreme example, but for instance we all know who wrote #emacs, #python, #vi, #latex, etc. and it's not unusual for users (and common for contributors) to interact directly with the authors.

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