Psst, I came here to get away from Twitter. Consider not boosting retweets or other bridged content that the person can’t even be bothered to post here. You’re shitting up the fedi.

@estoricru don't be, you're fine! just something to keep in the back of your head

@NOCARRIER As the CEO of Mastodon, I give everyone permission to steal posts from Twatter for the enjoyment of the fedi crowd.

@NOCARRIER In your mastodon preferences you can filter out based on certain phrases or words. I filtered out "@twitter" but considering adding in twitter. com also. I wonder if someone has made a filter list to help "free" up your timeline. I did leave it set to "filter" and not delete though.

@NOCARRIER I apologize for using quotes excessively when describing free up and filter.

@mnw I’m not asking how to use filters. I’m asking people to consider not posting/boosting content from that platform in the first place. Thanks for the well articulated tip though. Some folk will find that incredibly useful.

@NOCARRIER Oh for sure. I'm hoping we can let it die a myspace like death. Bots and rss auto feeds are all that will live there one day.

@mnw I kind of wish people would propagate their content the other direction, if at all. Birdsite doesn’t need the visibility like mastodon does.

@NOCARRIER funny you mention that I was just thinking the same thing. I setup my mastodon rss feed to stream into twitter if it contains a keyword just a bit earlier today with ifttt; The format is
https://[** your instance domain here **]/@[** your username here **].atom On my instance I used .rss instead of .atom but got a feed out.

@NOCARRIER Nah, can't see me self-censoring stuff just 'cos it has been on Twitter. Sorry. I came here to get away from censorship.

@vik lol, boy do I have some bad news for you about CW culture on mastodon hahahaha

Thanks for chiming in. Good luck to you!

@NOCARRIER Hey, I was on Twitter for a while. Can probably handle most things short of a cluster bomb.

@vik @NOCARRIER There's a heap of difference between "hey I saw this cool thing and here's a link to it (and it happens to be on twitter)" vs "it was said on twitter by someone so it'll be said here as well"

@yojimbo @vik there is a difference between those things for sure. I'm also coming from a position that closed systems like twitter just don't need to be given the reach into the fediverse that they're being given. That's not intended to be a black-and-white, all-in view but rather an interesting thing to keep in the back of the mind when folks are sharing content from other platforms.

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