How do you estimate how storage and bandwidth hungry a mastodon instance will be? What are the relevant metrics and how do those translate into a meaningful estimate? Like, for aspiring hosts.

I’d love to see some built in transparency about those kinds of details.

@NOCARRIER One suggestion might be to talk to @hugo who runs @mastohost. Probably has the most anecdata of anyone that I’m aware of at this point on the topic.

@max @NOCARRIER It really depends on many factors like the number of years it has been federating, the usage of federation relays or not (how many relays and how many posts per minute they federate) and the number of users and remote users they are following. The average instance is a few GBs and usually bandwidth is 50% of storage but I host instances that use over 400 GB.

@NOCARRIER Two things to consider, though i have no specific math.. Cache, this is the largest but can be cleared if you dont wish to keep a history of foreign posts/media.. then local data.

The cache is based on the total number of folloers your system has, pretty much a backup of anything that comes through the federated timeline.

The local data itself tends to be small and managable except for maybe videos people uploaded, but that can be limited.

It basically just boils down to what policy you wish to have regarding the cache.

@NOCARRIER I can tell you the bandwith and storage of an existing instance if it helps :)

@NOCARRIER So, one of them has been running for around 2 years (started on sep '17), according to official mastodon stats we have 20GB of database, plus around 53GB of media in object storage (around 6GB of that is local according to Mastodon), the remote media is cleaned up every night for media older than 7 days (but not link previews).
As for bandwith, my provider says we're at 121GB so far for this month.

@NOCARRIER We have around 130 active users weekly, and mastodon says 240 monthly but that might be skewed because we're cleaning up users that haven't logged in for a long time, so we've sent an email to every user in the instance that had not logged in for a year. But the weekly one is around that.
And before we started the cleanup we were at 800-ish users

@NOCARRIER Ah, yeah, and currently we're at a 2CPU, 4GB RAM machine, and it holds quite well, don't remember having any troubles, never saw users complain :)

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