I have been completely removed from Facebook for a full year. It has been the best year in recent memory. OBSERVATIONS:

1) I'm still "connected" to current events. I'm just not bombarded with a thousand "rage-bait" rants about it.

2) I'm still connected with everyone that matters. We've shared the responsibility of staying in touch. Sometimes it's on me to reach out, sometimes it's on them. The people who haven't kept up with me, were just a relationship of ceremony and convenience.

3) I'm substantially less depressed. Surprising no one, I guess. It didn't cure depression, but it alleviated that which it brought: A lot.

4) I'm still super social online. I have community here and a few other places. We do things together, and don't just try to whip ourselves into a fury.

5) I've gained a meaningful perspective: *MY* perspective. Getting away from the manipulative pieces of those social media sites has given me enough clarity to be, well... "me."


Awesome! I especially love your last point.

You put this beautifully. Congrats on your year away from that hellscape!

@erosdiscordia Thanks! Yeah, the clarity gained was kind of surprising. It wasn't until I started to really gain that, that I realized what the full cost of those platforms are.

@NOCARRIER I’ve wiped everything from my FB and have only been using it for event notifications that I set up to get through email. I wish I could get rid of it completely, but it’s been working well for me!

@NOCARRIER Happy #DeleteFacebook anniversary!

This New Year's marks the first anniversary of my departure from Farcebook too and it has been refreshing to take back some control over my online interactions from "the algorithms".

Of course not all is "sweetness and light" but drama has always existed in social interactions. It has just become clear to everyone that managing drama cannot be effectively automated and attempts to do so have caused great harm to society.

@msh I'm with you 100%. That's a great observation.

@NOCARRIER I also just passed a year without Facebook, and I also quit Twitter in the second half of 2018. I feel so much healthier and if anything I am getting better at staying in touch, and don't feel like I've lost anything.

@neilgall I just recently ditched my twitter entirely. For about half of 2018 It was just a blind cross-post from mastodon to twitter.

@NOCARRIER 5 or 6 years in with a similar experience to what you described.

Good on you for taking the leap, keep on growing.

@curses 5 or 6 years is awesome! Thanks for the kind words.

@NOCARRIER ^5 I have lost count how many non-FB years it's been. I de-googled 4-ish years ago, and don't twitter anymore.

#3 and #5 really resonate with me.

great toot.

@dch 3 and 5 stood out to me as especially interesting observations, so I'm glad they resonated with you! I haven't fully disengaged from google, yet. But their closing of Inbox is about to make it really easy.

@PsychoLlama thanks! Did you have any difficulties connecting with friends and family or did you find it fairly straight forward? This has been the biggest difference between my experience and some others I see.

@NOCARRIER It hasn't been completely smooth, I've lost some communication with close friends and family. These days we make an effort to stay in touch through texting, xbox chat, sharing photos, etc. It's not as smooth though 😞

What do you use to keep in touch?

@PsychoLlama I kind of let people organize with how they wanted. My parents were happy to start getting regular phone calls from me and SMS was an easy bridge to cross. My brothers and I play video games on PSN and We all talk together via Telegram and Discord. Everyone else gets a periodic email or SMS message from me (and I get one from them sometimes.)

@NOCARRIER your family's on Telegram? You have a cool family ⭐

Sounds like you've got a good system... and kinda reminds me I should call my parents more often 🙈

@NOCARRIER Thats great. Could you please describe how are you connected to current events? The biggest struggle of leaving facebook for me.

@profispojka Sure! I still periodically read the news and subscribe to a few "morning roundup" style digest emails that bullet out some of the current happenings. I'm also a fairly social person, so some stuff I pick up on just in casual conversation.

@NOCARRIER Thank you. Hopefully this year I will get the balls to leave facebook too!

Yup, that's been my experience too. Don't miss it.

@NOCARRIER I can totally relate to this, I've not been on FB for like years now and that's exactly the way I feel, the only reason I still have an account (that I barely never log in) is that I organise an annual event that rely a lot on FB for being known (but it might change one day).

I still have a LinkedIn, even if it's pretty much abandonned, might as well delete it.

Sometimes I consider leaving Twitter, but I'm too dependent on it for Bitcoin news for now. How do you guys manage this?

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