I get rogue mastodon notifications on mobile-web. Anyone else?

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Hackers.town will have a short outage later tonight for network and power upgrades.

expect 11-12 PM EST (3-4AM UTC)

Friendly reminder for all my fellow digital nomads out there: Don’t forget to clean or replace your filters and pumps! They’ll work overtime, work poorly, and eventually have to be repaired for ridiculous money!

So, what are an attractive men's shoe, these days? All the ones I find look like I should be pulling endless scarves out of my pocket or sneaking in the bedrooms of sleeping children and stealing their dreams.

A peanut butter sandwich made with fresh banana bread. YOU ARE WELCOME!

Wait. R. U. Sirius was a candidate in the 2000 presidential election?

The 3 Stigmata of Palms Are Sweaty, Like My Mom's Spaghetti.

I'll see myself out.

"Everything in moderation, including moderation. "
-- Oscar Wilde

I'm going to think out loud a little about Microsoft and Windows, if you don't mind. Nothing political this time. 

You know that sci-fi story line where scientists (or global warming?) unwittingly unleash a virus that has been frozen in the antarctic ice?

That's how I feel when someone says that put a retro-computing device on my network.

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The Dream of the 90's is alive on Hackers.town

Dishing through system auth logs today like that old dude in Willow like, “the bones... tell me nothing.”

Accidentally grabbed a “vanilla and fig” coffee instead of honey. So I guess today is going to be full of surprises.

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Just once I’d like hackers.town to hit a major article.

Just so people would show up to the gates shut.

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