Thinking about the Librem 5 phone, today. Has anyone here had their hands on one yet?

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In a real sense, the amount of punk in the human species will determine whether humanity goes extinct in the next fifty years.

SOFTWARE SUGGESTION REQUEST: I really like the gnome To Do application I use on Ubuntu. Is there an implementation of this (or compatible at least) for macOS?

Remember when we thought stuff like Buzzfeed was the cancer of the internet? LOL we were kind of adorable, weren't we?

I'm pretty grateful for the cool people I've met through I didn't expect this community to exist.

My super power is installing operating systems that you'll only use for about a week before switching back to windows.

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every crime is a crime of passion if you love crime enough

I'm really looking forward to the watch parties, now that I think I've landed where I'll be for a while.

Saying your unwanted ads are making your internet experience better because "they're targeted" is like saying a tape worm is ok because it will help you lose weight. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, GOOGLE AND GMAIL.

I forgot that gmail actively taints your email inbox with unwanted advertisements. Ugh. I've been a protonmail main for a while, but every time I go back for something, it's kind of annoying.

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The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

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Don't trust "open source" projects with Contributor License Agreements, they are effectively not open source/free software at all and cannot be trusted or forked in productive ways that eliminate corporate control. (glares at Microsoft with VSCode and Azure)

Listening to some old Theatre of Tragedy tonight. Like ya do.

Friendly reminder: Get your affairs in order. You will die. People will have to dig through the ephemera of your life. The accounts, the debts, the trash under the sink, the awkward and sometimes hidden relationships. All of it. Digital and otherwise.

“On a long enough time line, everyone’s survival rate drops to zero.”

“No one here gets out alive.”

A kid asked me how I’d hack some installation projection device at the zoo the other day. One of those networked projectors that are used as part of the exhibit.

I’m not allowed back in the salt water aquarium.

I just hacked the bank account of a dead person. A bad actor in the persons life was trying to clean it out before the legal heirs could get the required documentation printed up. Surreal.

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An esoteric lesson many on the fediverse can learn.

Each person is a point within a circle... able to influence what happens within their circle, but beyond those bounds, it's risky to act.

If you draw another to you, a life partner perhaps, that circle grows.

A family? it grows further.

Those of like mind? it grows again.

Working together, groups of people can effect more change than realized because of this.

Draw some circles close. Make some things happen.

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