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It's about time for me to do an I guess.

I am NO CARRIER. I am an old hacker, mostly active in the 90s. I sometimes wax philosophical about hacker lore and old networks. I used to love x.25 systems, and now I find the same enjoyment exploring radio and satellite. My particular obsession is "dead satellites," appealing to both my sense of wonder and the macabre.

My day job is as a game designer and developer and writer of interactive fiction. I work on the road full time, doing part time work managing/maintaining/building mesh networks. Right now, I'm in the Sonoran Desert, where the skies are clear and the vegetation is trying to kill you. My favorite places are Tucson, AZ. and Los Angeles, CA. My least favorites are San Francisco, CA. and Fredericksburg, VA.

I spent a whole decade, blessed to be a professional musician, playing in goth and industrial bands on the East Coast in the late 90s/2000s. I recorded my first E.P. in 2003. It is terrible and you haven't heard it, and that's ok.

I hosted several radio shows (rock, goth/industrial, punk) on regional radio in 2005-2010 and even got to produce a political talk show for a year. I still occasionally put together a podcast in the style of my old radio shows.

I speak terrible Japanese.

I studied Astronomy and Visual Art (separately) in university. My favorite ongoing side area of study is history.

I identify with villains, not because I share their values, but because they are the heroes of their own stories, maligned by the creative whims of both the artist and audience. My favorite heroes are Strahd von Zarovich, Evil Spock, Grodd, and Dr. Evil.

In addition to video games, I also enjoy table top games, especially old RPGs.

I suppose this is when I vomit a bunch of hashtags.

Wall of text hits for 5 damage.

Action films, especially martial arts films, that have large courtyard scenes with tons of people training always have that one extra that just has no idea what they're doing and is just standing around in a corner by themselves giving it their all. lmao live your best life, rando. Live your best life.

Arm-chair Thought:

Humans tend to always engage more with the negative than the positive. Any system that algorithmically uses engagement as an actionable metric will inherently be mired in the negative. Even systems that recognize this are going to be tainted by the immense bias it will introduce into the data set.

Extra Arm-chair Thought:

I think this is the function at work on otherwise benevolent corporate structures that grow into powerful, large-scale behemoths.

Extra-Extra Arm-chair Thought:

Fucking governments. We might need to start changing governmental systems like we change our undies.

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LeVar Burton has been looking for stories to read on livestream but has also been worried about copyright violations so Neil Gaiman gave him blanket permission to read any of his stories and that's a nice thing tbh.

One of my favorite things to do is to tell my partner that I've written a song for her. Sit down with her, with my guitar, look deep into her beautiful brown eyes and sing the theme song to Enterprise.

Keep the romance alive, folks. <3

I think, big picture, what I'm going to do is rock down to Electric Avenue.

oh right, you have to engage in active tomfoolery sessions to flash a windows iso to usb correctly.

I haven't even installed it and I'm already complaining.

Thinking about switching back to Windows 10 on my work laptop. Some of the hardware quirks that nag at me are becoming really annoying, day-to-day, and some of the tools I use don't perform as well or don't work without a non-trivial amount of effort on my part.

Talk me down.

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goths sexting is spooky action at a distance

The true measure of how well someone follows direction lies in how they handle Q-tips.

Applying for jobs I have no business applying for... kind of fun.

PSA! Stop what you're doing and install an adblocker immediately, if you don't already use one! Privacy-invasive surveillance capitalists are about to make a boat load of cash off off of our self-isolation and social distancing practices. Largely speaking, these are the companies that actively engage in "Embrace Extend Extinguish" tactics against open source software and finance and leverage AI/ML systems that are used as part of apparatuses of oppression by governments around the world.

Wide Ocean, Big Jacket 


Microsoft originally included Minesweeper, Solitaire, and Hearts as educational/tutorial tools to get people used to using a mouse and a graphical UI.

Minesweeper (showed up first in Windows 3.1) taught left/right click and precision clicking. Solitaire (showed up in Windows 3.0) taught drag and drop. Hearts taught what networking was (included first in Windows for Workgroups 3.1, showed off NetDDE)

So my remote working tip of the day is: Keep headphones handy, especially if you're remote working with others nearby.

As things ramp up and more and more of us are working remote, we'll all be needing to have video/voice meetings. One of the ways we can limit interruptions and disruptions is to make sure the music, videos, and meetings don't overlap and interrupt each other.

So, keep headphones handy. You don' t need to use them all the time, but when you're going to be jumping into something that has audio or where you need to focus, throw them on!

Your co-located folk will appreciate it, and the stress of having to confront each other about noise will be much lighter.

And if you're working alone? Using headphones (and push-to-talk) can really help the quality of your meeting. Less confusion means fewer meetings. Fewer meetings means less bandwidth being used and more to go around.

#RemoteWorkTIpOfTheDay #WFHTips #wfh #wfhlife

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Lots of folks are maintaining a thin shell of calm over a warm gooey center of freaking the hell out. It's coming out in weird, tangential ways. Folks getting mad over irrelevancies and minutiae.

Empty your lungs. Breathe in. Be patient with your friends. We need each other.

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D-Link and Linksys routers hacked to point users to malicious site pushing coronavirus-themed malware

- Attacks have been happening for more than a week
- Brute-force attack suspected as method of entry
- Final payload is the Oski infostealer

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