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It's about time for me to do an I guess.

I am NO CARRIER. I am an old hacker, mostly active in the 90s. I sometimes wax philosophical about hacker lore and old networks. I used to love x.25 systems, and now I find the same enjoyment exploring radio and satellite. My particular obsession is "dead satellites," appealing to both my sense of wonder and the macabre.

My day job is as a game designer and developer and writer of interactive fiction. I work on the road full time, doing part time work managing/maintaining/building mesh networks. Right now, I'm in the Sonoran Desert, where the skies are clear and the vegetation is trying to kill you. My favorite places are Tucson, AZ. and Los Angeles, CA. My least favorites are San Francisco, CA. and Fredericksburg, VA.

I spent a whole decade, blessed to be a professional musician, playing in goth and industrial bands on the East Coast in the late 90s/2000s. I recorded my first E.P. in 2003. It is terrible and you haven't heard it, and that's ok.

I hosted several radio shows (rock, goth/industrial, punk) on regional radio in 2005-2010 and even got to produce a political talk show for a year. I still occasionally put together a podcast in the style of my old radio shows.

I speak terrible Japanese.

I studied Astronomy and Visual Art (separately) in university. My favorite ongoing side area of study is history.

I identify with villains, not because I share their values, but because they are the heroes of their own stories, maligned by the creative whims of both the artist and audience. My favorite heroes are Strahd von Zarovich, Evil Spock, Grodd, and Dr. Evil.

In addition to video games, I also enjoy table top games, especially old RPGs.

I suppose this is when I vomit a bunch of hashtags.

Wall of text hits for 5 damage.

what some of these old systems lack in charm, they make up for in bad UX

trying to figure out how to mount this usb sdr to use with the raspberry pi. This dongle generates A LOT of heat.

Dang it. I got distracted and left someone hanging. :[ not my style.

oh hey, the rtl-sdr stuff compiles no problem on here. That is exciting.

Maybe I'll play with remote entry replay attacks...

wtf am I going to do with this raspberry pi?

The Carl’s Jr. I stop at before work always plays post punk deep cuts. Like Gang of Four b-sides and Wire. Like... what a weird place to find that on the regular.

You know those horror movies where they get a hand transplant from a murderer and mysteriously start killing people in their sleep or they get an eye transplant from a murder victim and get visions about the death?

I want to make that movie, but with fecal transplants.

Betty White is 6 years older than the discovery of penicillin.

Ok, real talk. People think I cover my web cam on my laptop because they're easy to hack. They are, but it's actually just so I can join video chats/meetings without having to scramble to disable the camera before people notice I'm not actually dressed.

I dunno. You might do that differently.

Breaking Bad was a chemhacker dystopian punk series.

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Today I got #fedora running on my @PINE64 #pinephone.

(Lots of help from mozzwald on Discord, using megi's 5.6 kernel.)

How is the wifi situation on #pinephone with the various images?

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I'd twitch stream some live coding, but no one wants to see me google simple syntax for an hour.

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I think I'm almost ready to dive into the Pine64 hackery. All of the work they're doing is so exciting. And it's priced perfectly for reckless tinkering. I ADORE that.

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