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We will be bringing on two new layers of defense for today.

a Sophos XG firewall, and Sophos VM endpoint protection. These will combine with the IDS/IPS protection already in place as well as with CBDefense monitoring's server.

Defense in Depth blueteamers... that's what you do..

Please bear with any outages. They should be short and expected.

Any weirdness you find, please report.

Don't let the Software as a Service goons bully you into thinking that your computer becomes inert without an internet connection.

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📣 Help Welcome 📣

Is there a way to purge all of mastodon's knowledge of a domain?

A former mastodon instance has relaunched as a pixelfed instance and we're hoping to fixup our federation with them.

#Help #Advice #LibreOps

The sunk cost fallacy applies to Netflix tv show binge watches, too.

Hey, fedi! You look like you could use some ATARI TEENAGE RIOT in your diet!

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"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley :subtoot:​😍​

Ramones - Commando

Personal fave. I mean there are so many to love, but I adore the chorus change.

also from YT comments: "my mom recommended this to me."


I can't even y'all

I'm done.

Misfits - Skulls

From the YT comments: "my dad is screaming this in the car right now"

I'm dead lmao

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One of the more rewarding ongoing tasks I've taken on has been working with the elderly, especially people suffering from aphasia, to use technology to keep up with their older hobbies (typically writing or photography) and to stay in contact with their family.

One of the biggest things that impacts the quality of life of the elderly is isolation. This is a huge issue in American society, a social structure that often leaves our aging population on its own, often fully discarded.

Technology can't fix all their ailments yet, but it CAN fix this problem, if we let it.

I don't do it through an organization. I don't do it for compensation. I do it socially, to spend time with people, hear their stories, and empower them to put those stories into the world.

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