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It's about time for me to do an I guess.

I am NO CARRIER. I am an old hacker, mostly active in the 90s. I sometimes wax philosophical about hacker lore and old networks. I used to love x.25 systems, and now I find the same enjoyment exploring radio and satellite. My particular obsession is "dead satellites," appealing to both my sense of wonder and the macabre.

My day job is as a game designer and developer and writer of interactive fiction. I work on the road full time, doing part time work managing/maintaining/building mesh networks. Right now, I'm in the Sonoran Desert, where the skies are clear and the vegetation is trying to kill you. My favorite places are Tucson, AZ. and Los Angeles, CA. My least favorites are San Francisco, CA. and Fredericksburg, VA.

I spent a whole decade, blessed to be a professional musician, playing in goth and industrial bands on the East Coast in the late 90s/2000s. I recorded my first E.P. in 2003. It is terrible and you haven't heard it, and that's ok.

I hosted several radio shows (rock, goth/industrial, punk) on regional radio in 2005-2010 and even got to produce a political talk show for a year. I still occasionally put together a podcast in the style of my old radio shows.

I speak terrible Japanese.

I studied Astronomy and Visual Art (separately) in university. My favorite ongoing side area of study is history.

I identify with villains, not because I share their values, but because they are the heroes of their own stories, maligned by the creative whims of both the artist and audience. My favorite heroes are Strahd von Zarovich, Evil Spock, Grodd, and Dr. Evil.

In addition to video games, I also enjoy table top games, especially old RPGs.

I suppose this is when I vomit a bunch of hashtags.

Wall of text hits for 5 damage.

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Package Release: 01/12 mutt 1.13.3 Mutt: a text-based MIME Email client

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Time for my weekly "Mark everything as read" on Discord.

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So, I've been looking for an upgrade for my Surface Pro 3. I've been looking at ThinkPads, and as much as I'm really into them (some of them are really interesting,) Price-wise, purchase + upgrades aren't more cost effective than just replacing this SP3 directly when it fails. The two main reasons are the CPU and the screen. Like, you can get a next gen cpu, but the performance bump isn't that huge, certainly not enough to warrant losing this ridiculous screen, which is number 2. This screen is very luxurious.

I think maybe when it comes time to upgrade, I'll revisit, but the most important part of this device that is part of my daily work flow is the screen (and pen.)

So, to you, dearest fediverse, I ask: Am I missing something as I evaluate this decision that might sway me toward a ThinkPad?

Welp, captcha has stopped working for me and I can't check my account balance. Thanks google!

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otoh, every time I've looked at commit history to see who checked in the particular code I'm about to complain about, it's almost always me. like 9/10

do you guys ever do that thing where you're looking at code from an old project and you're like "man, I was so much smarter back then?"

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I'm just dancing in the kitchen to Depeche Mode with my cats. Living my best life.

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How do I find anarchists, satanists, and similar folks in Nashville if I don't use Facebook or Twitter? Seems odd that these are the preferred platforms for organizing in the first place.

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*sage voice* we do not name datatypes until after a full turning of the moon

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@NOCARRIER funny you mention that I was just thinking the same thing. I setup my mastodon rss feed to stream into twitter if it contains a keyword just a bit earlier today with ifttt; The format is
https://[** your instance domain here **]/@[** your username here **].atom On my instance I used .rss instead of .atom but got a feed out.

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"He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts – for support rather than for illumination."

– Andrew Lang

Psst, I came here to get away from Twitter. Consider not boosting retweets or other bridged content that the person can’t even be bothered to post here. You’re shitting up the fedi.

ok, but it should be a crime to share xkcd comics w/out including the img hover text.

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