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One of the things I like about Mastodon (and AP in general) is that the tools that control federation are built in such a way that the cultural norms around Content Warnings are a meaningful example of a Culture of Consent working.

Also, awoo. I like awoo.

knock knock. Who's there? 

I'm not great at managing my follow requests. OTOH, I'm pretty good at accidentally not having too many followers.

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Aral Balkan, One of us 

y'all, this peanut butter banana sandwich is NEXT LEVEL

Iran pol, violence, protests 

ok, server officially back up and running! \m/

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Know what I haven’t heard in too long? A good, room-filling awoo.

still hacking on this server to get it back up and running. I have access to it chroot style, but tracking down the problem is turning into a fiasco

server didn't come back up the way I had hoped and ssh is now blocked by ufw.

ME: do-release-upgrade
SERVER: Really? Over ssh? Are you sure?

anyone still have the hardware to set up some some pppd dialup relays?

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