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Which is better? Boosts welcome.

anybody got any neat rss feeds we should follow?

ME: a magician never reveals his secrets

PRIEST: you need to stop coming to confession every weekend and saying this. do like 30 Hail Mary's or whatever, I don't care

ME: ohhh, also, i may have committed manslaughter last Tuesday

PRIEST: 35 Hail Mary's. Please leave

How stable are entire ecosystems based upon clout computing?

Random reminder that corporations have always been people (their entire purpose is to create a "legal person" for business purposes), and that's usually a good thing (it allows us to hold a corporation legally culpable even when no individual involved could be)

Corporate persons do not have the same rights as natural persons. The issue is the pattern of expanding the rights corporate persons have, which has led to an expansion of corporate power and the loss of important limits on corporate actions

📱 Instant messaging clients. Choose wisely what you use to communicate.

A visualization by @niboe under CC BY SA license.

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Spend 30 minutes under high stress helping my mom recover her (turned out) non-existing zoom account, her meeting was in Microsoft Teams and she had thrown away this invite link, but she insisted she had to open the zoom application on her laptop...
Like how every tablet is called an 'iPad' :blobfacepalm:

Also, while it was technically work related, it was a cocktail party for the 'end of the month' :googlyeyes_blobcat_thisisfine:

Pretty sure I earned a promotion in my digibetus nursing rank :ablobblewobbleslow:

So now Google is manipulating reviews about an app that stopped 'being able to buy Gamestonks' to prevent 'alleged' stonk manipulation :k_whoa:


I don't have the patience to play these games. Which is a nice way of saying that I have more to lose these days than the folks who're handing the hedgefunds their asses.

Go forth and make shit happen, folks. I support you.


Hold will hold, cuz (before rona) gone == gone.

(I didn't invest, nor will, but before the rona I would have {at LEAST!} wasted 500 euro in the past 9-10months on bar visits with frens... {They knew of my financial position and are kind}
I can see peeps having that kind of money or {much} higher considering that 'gone' and will HOLD just for the lulz, I raise me glass to their tendieman {not to musk, cuz he doesn't understand mammals see pic below: v})

🍿 still, coming weeks?

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