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I have been feeling particularly cranky today in spite of getting sufficient sleep. I just realized that I did not meditate this morning.

So... remember to meditate1, kids. It makes a difference.

  • 1: I am not obligating you to a spiritual practice that goes against your beliefs. However, if you're up for it, give meditation a try. I'd have probably ended up in some florida-man style headline a time or two without it.
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I am so done with the world.

Saw a story about Lizzie Velasquez, and how she it being "used" as an image for the "New Teacher Challenge". Instead of looking at what an amazing person she is, people are making fun of her disability.

I have so much to say about this it all keeps coming out at the same time, ending in a mess.

Part of me is filled with rage. I want to watch the world burn. Part of me wants to give her hugs and tell her it will be alright. It won't. Instead I just tear up and try not to cry.

Save the planet. Kill yourself.

Q, not the star trek one 

So, Para-Conspiratorial-esoteric-magic(k) and all is my fetish; I can't sleep without hearing, reading or thinking about it....

Now I have done some deep dives (unemployed ATM, so yeah, deeeeeeep) and I'm very neutral about all, laidback hear peeps out (the THC-podcast does a great jo at this, just letting peeps talk) and decide on my own and for my own what's what (or mostly crap).

Anyhow, Q gets a mentioned sometimes, though the only time it kinda made sense was when a peep who saw a Chinese long-mustached dude talk to him in a dream about following Q (I was with it so far, this tells you how laidback I am without getting mad and quitting).

But then, how it was puzzled together and the weird breaks and I don't have words for it how screwy it was... is the episode IIRC (too bored to hear through)

anyway, the most coherent peep I ever heard about Q-Anon and linking the 'predictions/posts' up to IRL events was this dude. (or if the link was wrong).

If this all was too subtle, if I had to choose between blondes from Venus and Q-Anon, I choose for blondes from Venus with analbeads from mars to make it at least feel like I conquered something.

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re: USPOL, Q, 8Chan 

I feel compelled to point out that 8chan was dumped by Cloudflare last year.

That means that that IP is not protected by cloudflare.

This is the direct result of pressure from the community in the wake of the Pittsburgh shooting... which also triggered Gab moving to the fediverse in the first place.

This is a hole in which they can still provide services, but they are getting concentrated because whoever is hosting them knows they are too hot.

Better to have one expendable target hosting your shitty customers.

Better to not serve shitty customers.

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I'm a security engineer by trade. Here to find like-minded folks who are either in the process of, or have succeeded leaving the corporate paychecks behind to pursue projects like permaculture, building eco-homes (whatever that might mean to you), using their tech skills to protect privacy, do handicrafts, reduce waste, etc.

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I've been getting avid at the bananaphone(tm) typing, though it lack emojis...
So back to basics...
Now is @:) or O:) an angel?
I read somewhere than @:) is a baby?


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The Somali elephant shrew was considered extinct but was recently rediscovered in Africa. Please, I’m begging you to look at it.

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Hey all! This is your regular reminder that I'm looking for entry level / junior or roles! I have over 6 years of IT experience and have always had a passion for and I'm ready to bring it to a company near you! Boosts appreciated!

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POV: I’m your boyfriend and I want to talk to you about the time Patsy Parisi showed up drunk at Tony’s house and was going to shoot Tony but instead he cried and pissed in Tony’s pool while the feds watched

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Be wary of booksalesmen

Especially the "self help" kind. If there is a big red flag on someone's profile is they are advertising the latest book they've written that you never heard about. Double if its non-fiction on some controversial topic.

The frauds are out there.

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One time Paris and Janeway turned into salamanders and ran away and had salamander babies and the voyager crew rescued Paris and janeway but just left the salamander babies to die or whatever because fuck salamander babies i guess

Both sides of the story 

laughs in nonary :HK_blob:

Puts on robe and wizard hat, proceeds to laugh in nōnāgintā trēsimal :chillblobwitch:

takes out universal translator and laughs in Sexagesimal 👽​

shrugs in binary :blobcatgooglyshrug:​ "Is this thing on? or off?"

laughs Mnemonical :k_whoa:

Imma gonna compile a playlist of Mindless Self Indulgence 

Discography coming in, Imma listen to it all again, never could score a Cd in a physical shop (how I buy)...

but like, I ask you, songs that this playlist should include!

This might win me over to buy one, or more CD's, from my memory it was less than 2 songs per CD that were worth listening too :/

Change my mind! (my opinions were formed 10-9 years ago, I heard the 2011 album IIRC)

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What Do They Know by Mindless Self Indulgence becoming a regular Tik Tok song really transports me

fuugdeeee... I'm off (more than usual) for like a week...

You all have new avatars, who dis? :blobcatgoogly:

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