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Ah now to watch congress walk back all criticism of f*cebook when mark threatens to re-tag them in photos

"boneless wings" are just a scam to charge more for nuggets :grr:

When you stare at the breasts, the breasts stare back.

- Breasterick Nietzsche

@Mnemonic sure thing! NLE/CC experts are *very rare* anywhere. And for MOST people, 72% NTSC or 93% sRGB is plenty. I actually specifically would recommend 72% NTSC with as much contrast as you can find for colorblind, *because* of the increased colorspace. (IOW: more of the shades you can see, clearer division between them.)

But for 98% of cases? It's all bullshit buzzwords like "HDR!!!", usually mixed with outright bullshit.

Emceeing talks is always an honor, a privilege, and a highlight of the conference experience for me. Doing it from my own sofa doesn't detract from the experience.

I'm already looking forward to my shift tomorrow.

@Mnemonic there is! I had to do some digging to make sure a CERTAIN SOMEONE (read: fucking ALL of them) didn't sneakily downgrade the things while noone was looking is all.

Dell "New" XPS 15 (9500) with "UHD+ (3840x2400) 500-Nit" - 94% P3-DCI @ dE<2
Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED p/n SA-7US5020SH and XA-9US5130SP (the 5020SH's specs are a bad joke though)
HP SPECTRE X360 15" with AMOLED (i7-10750H + NVIDIA 1650Ti MaxQ + 16GB)

Hey peeps, I'm looking (for a friend) for a corebootable laptop that has a macBook tier screen?

Any resources like "lol look at these comparisons" and all are welcome too!
Or like "check out this line" etc.

Needs a good screen! (i dunno what that means, but like for color representation etc.)

K thx :heart_cyber:

@Mnemonic @drwho That's the one I am in right now.

As for the mask, I have the pirating incident cued up for when I watch all the rest:

Tomorrow at member of and will be presenting on the importance of federated/decentralized communities.

We'll see you there!

Anyone has recommendations for a non-stupid-size Android phone? They just keep getting larger and larger, but all I want is a 5" screen and decent hardware. Not even 5.5" is a thing anymore it seems.

‪Joe Biden’s favorite Offspring song is Come Out and Play because he thinks it’s about segregation‬

Unfortunately, someone from Russia (Alexey Knyazev) is selling my art as wooden puzzles. First, he sold my Wakeful Wolf without my consent.

I told him to stop selling my art and reported this illegal product everywhere I could. Today I saw that he started selling two other artworks of mine as a puzzle under a different company name.

Please don't purchase any puzzles from "woddopuzzles". or "Alexey Art".

#art #illustration #arttheft #mastoart

Shadowrun Returns is on sale for $3.74 at GoG (DRM-free)
The game is pretty good, I just wish it had less magic and more hacking.

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