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@Mnemonic do your thing, I feel like social distancing is a terrible descriptor and the last thing we need

@termi Imma gonna steal that, toot that:
✅Physical distancing
❎Social distancing

Hey, folks... has made it possible to donate meals to people. When ordering online, add a “Help Feed Someone a Healthy Meal” to your order. Even if you're not ordering for yourself, you can buy one or more this way to help folks out.

Please signal boost?

Hi all! If you're in need of distraction and money is a barrier, I've made all my books free on!

💀 🖤 📚 ✨

That's a 422 page fantasy novel, plus a supporting novelette and short stories.

Review from RockStarlit Book Asylum: "Although its setting not exactly cheery, there is something utterly charming in this book that just won me over."

Please enjoy my unexpectedly charming novel about black magic.

Computer-Rendezvous, story time+music! 

:VideoNasty:​ Anyone want to want watch Hell Comes to Frogtown with me at 7pm Pacific?

Just find a copy of the movie, press play, and share the hijinx on the tag!

It's just mind-boggling that the chairman of the NYSE was insider trading after receiving a secret donors-only republican briefing about the global pandemic, while the same republicans were lying to the rest of the country.

These people are looking more edible by the moment.

Going to help an old guy hook his train-set up to his PC #villagelife :neuromancer:

Audible streaming children stories for free. Like actually free, no accounts, no email. Even have some in Japanese, Italian, German, French, Spanish.

Spent the evening standing up one of @Mnemonic's sticks on one of my spare boxen. Installing Linux Mint took longer than anticipated but it's grinding away.

Gamestop corporate has told all stores they have to remain open even against state lockdown orders, because they're "essential retail"

Voor Nederlanders, Covid-19 overzicht 

Album drop:

Yep, I'm pretty darn happy with this. Being able grind processes and iterations at speed is seriously beneficial to, "I wonder if I can make this work."

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