@vortex_egg I'm up for inner journeys etc. :p

I haven't traveled your (rabbit)holes perhaps, but been through enough to go "eh, what about my own hole?"

:tinfoilcat:​ could be my avatar, on all ways, never got me really, but I read them all pretty much ;)

But ATM imma sleep ;)

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In hindsight, I now consider my time spent getting gobsmacked by the political views and ideologies of (some of) the Silicon Valley techno-futurist community as effective opposition research.

I just wanted to find interesting people to talk to, and it was a harmless looking meetup group, but wow that turned out to be a rabbit hole.

re: Star Track, S6E19: “In the Pale Moonlight” 

:blobcatgooglyshrug:​ MAN! I was unborn when the movie came out, but when I saw it I thought it was some weird quote :p

Thanks for enlightening me :cyber_heart_sparkle:

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re: Star Track, S6E19: “In the Pale Moonlight” 

no that was a Burton Original™

Jokester came up with it himself, he says something like "I like to ask that of all my prey"

@crazypedia I can turn that around:

Introverts enact their year long planned plan


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re: Star Track, S6E19: “In the Pale Moonlight” 

@larrydavis Pretty sure the batman quote was a quote in the batman movie already :4lights:

re: Today I felt something about Linux | Dutch | rant | lewdish language, not that much, I mean I mentioned Dutch 

@egret I think we're on the same page.

My (then drunk worded rant) was more about the only argument being given that someone is good at something was "because he uses arch and I just use Mint".
And what I might have missed in my amazement was: But what about Windows 10 Customizers? <- Everyone, even gentoo compilers, bow to them :p

Or better said, the distro doesn't make the competence.

Just saw TeneT, I only spoil the time it took to figure out the movie 

It was a rip and I wouldn't risk the Rona for it, I don't consider myself Big-brain for figuring out the movie in the first 35 minutes. (and it's a 150 minute movie)
The clues are WAY too obvious.

Still beats Bond movies, great action, so :blobcatgooglyshrug:

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IGN hackers 25th anniversary edition 

Oh look IGN did a 25th anniversary edition of the #HackersMovie with Matthew Lillard aka Cereal Killer! :blobcataww:

#HackThePlanet #WeAreNameless

re: Today I felt something about Linux | Dutch | rant | lewdish language, not that much, I mean I mentioned Dutch 

@egret Is this a TeneT take? :P

@banjofox good/bad all is none '93 or 7' (no pun intended) is all [or 3, 6,9] But that's electric(al)
Maybe I was faster on my hike with a porsche... but would I be? :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@banjofox Kierkegaard and also same same in many ways....

re: USPOL? 

@thegibson But like, I thought 'all the murican tourists' had GREAT friends in Europe?

Wondering why the wheater storm device hasn't fired yet

Oh it had? but they didn't turn smart? hmmm :p

JK, hard jk... I see any state (especially Kentucky) like The lowerlands.

05AM: The Muricans stopped my attempt to upload real cheese....

Shit I would make a great president....

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2020 the year you could sound this without anyone realizing hey got hit: 


[bish by this time you better have your invidious (or something) redirect setup]

@devrandom Back on your track, I never got into Anhtrax (Euro/Dutch).
Got some starting material, as in album names :p
Or like you know I like Slayer (new and old, kinda liked the 'new' sound of G-H-U-A more till "world painted blood".

Nevermore did it always good with me.

Hit me, if you want :) I can handle a whole series of albums at this time, just need a taste, like good :p

@devrandom Wait, I also see, I might have misdrunkingly misread the toot :p I think that more now... Imma delete a toot :p

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