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Pipeline hack 

Dark side may be the first cyber-crime ring to decide to implement a CoC to avoid societally impacting clients.

Mainly because they just got a sudden fear of getting droned.

We have been in cyberwar for a long while. This is an escalation I do not wish to see.

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I made some smoke by connecting the gpio to the blinkt!-LEDs and I saw I was off by one pin and then I heard the spark and the smoke came... :blobcatgooglytrash:

I'm going to reflect on this and see what else I can attach to those pins :ablobcatangel:

Yes the blinkt has passed on to the eternal concept world :blobcatcry2:

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I'm trying to swap "JEZUS CHRISTUS!" with "SIMON MAGUS!" just to rile up 'just the right' people.

Write your own gospel, live your own myth :k_whoa:

@healyn I'm cool with getting honored with getting retakes right after my previous past (yes that's double, like me, and that's an double entendre) :blobcatfingerguns:

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i was an extra in every Fast & Furious movie. i'm the guy who shows up in one scene per movie and says, "hey, want a frosty Corona?"

@healyn That's offensive as the Corona Virus doesn't survive frosty temperatures... :angry_blobcatsip_intensifies:

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I'm looking for books on the history and theory of Maker Spaces/hacker spaces/fablabs, etc.

Any suggestions?

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@Taweret I heard that if your parents didn't have sex you're likely to get none too... :blobthinksmart:

@float13 "The fact that this attack compromised systems that control pipeline infrastructure indicates that either the attack was extremely sophisticated or the systems were not well secured,"
I the most concerning statement... Like it's a UFO, FFS, please tell me this is a PR-agent misfire and that some peeps DO KNOW where the OPENING is... :googlyeyes_blobcat_thisisfine:

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Put the 'you know what' in the 'you know where'  

pwr in pwr and data in data :blobcatfluffangry:
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