One hour til Verhoeven strikes with a Dick story.

Total Recall!


Get to the if you don't have a copy!

21:00 UTC sharp!

"Eric Derk Wiebes is a Dutch politician serving as Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate"



"Justice needs a new program"

In about 3 hours we are going to watch one of the things you should not do with computers: In Virtuosity (1995) Denzel Washington gets tasked with cleaning up a VR-simulation that has gone on a sudo-boogie-woogie-rampage.

Not so much a 'deep-dive' into AI, Simulation etc., but more of a smooth (like Russell Crowe's face) ride consisting of action.

A entertaining watch to help switch your brain off!

Promo?, just a proxy-file rendered 640 version peeps, sorry...

For more important info:

Next week sunday!

If you think "who, what? Nameless? Who are they!?"

Buckle up kiddie, strap in and check the bot:

I do wanna cue in the Easter eggs:




@seven (hard to find, if you find him alert me... something has gone wrong in the timestreams at that moment!)

Watch only if you are, ehm, prepared for a 640 render of proxy files, still :blobcatdance:

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