#wearenameless Thanks #OTV


@seven, and @ella_kane (not only for coming up with #WeAreNameless but also this suggestion)

And all you lot for watching, tooting, boosting, faving or just lurking (no shame in that!)

Probably will be back next week, this sunday (for me right now) we will decide a movie and try to get our 1 minute pre-roll in :blobcatdance:

#wearenameless that ending is a real utopia... imagine, modern weapons/clothes/out fits... and a WHOLE earth of Jungle and what not to explore/settle... Duuuuuudddddeeeeeee

#WeAreNameless last one: Guess who's gonna doie NOT like the rest (aka not cloned) Oh man, this punchline I tried to make failed like oren...

#WeAreNameless I heard the whatever it's called, -scream loud and clear!

#WeAreNameless sorry wifi (toots) is acting up luckily otv (ethernet) is going fine :p

#WeAreNameless BuY MALE-Vitality and BRAINFORCE PLUS to counter the Vaccines imposed by your government!!!!!!

#WeAReNameless Æon <- someone read the Nag Hammadi library

[late trivia drop]

#WeAreNameless I crunched too hard to hear to conversation and started to crunch faster to hear it but alas...

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