One hour til Verhoeven strikes with a Dick story.

Total Recall!

:WeAreNameless: #WeAreNameless

Get to the #OTV if you don't have a copy!

21:00 UTC sharp!

You know you're nuts when you wanna out do batman 

"Eric Derk Wiebes is a Dutch politician serving as Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate"

:WeAreNameless: #WeAreNameless

"Yellow? Hi this is Mnhmhhmhm and I would like to report a gaiter that is eating my hair, my face, and everything around me.... Yeah I'll hold"" 


Animal crossing, flex, htown 

Don't know the source, else I would give it... but this UI: Morse code your text by closing your laptop....

#WeAreNameless :WeAreNameless:​

"Justice needs a new program"

In about 3 hours we are going to watch one of the things you should not do with computers: In Virtuosity (1995) Denzel Washington gets tasked with cleaning up a VR-simulation that has gone on a sudo-boogie-woogie-rampage.

Not so much a 'deep-dive' into AI, Simulation etc., but more of a smooth (like Russell Crowe's face) ride consisting of action.

A entertaining watch to help switch your brain off!

So I got a 'gift-card' from an online-shop and it was fine because I 1-2 times a year order new in-ears from there...

But then I found this unisex MoFo! On SALE!

I didn't even know they were still (or maybe better said again) making these and others.

Covid-19, Sign-language, anti-hoard 

My paws are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's shit on my mind already, shit-tooting up the fedi
I'm nervous, but on the surface my avatar looks calm and ready
To drop toots, but I keep on forgettin
What I wrote down, the whole fedi goes so loud
I click clack keys, but the words won't come out
I'm chonkin now, everybody's jokin now

[Not my cat, but image inspired this parody]

Fashion question 

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