For general propaganda use (Not my best, too hot in room to continue to perfect it, the concept it there and hack, you have every copyright to do with it what you want :) I prefer no credit, as in don't @ me!!!! :p) 


Peeps, I have the footage! [Trump interview outtake clip] 


One hour til Verhoeven strikes with a Dick story.

Total Recall!


Get to the if you don't have a copy!

21:00 UTC sharp!

You know you're nuts when you wanna out do batman 

in the dimensions of chess you're playing

"Eric Derk Wiebes is a Dutch politician serving as Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate"


"Yellow? Hi this is Mnhmhhmhm and I would like to report a gaiter that is eating my hair, my face, and everything around me.... Yeah I'll hold"" 



Got the yellow Matrix* banana phone (8110) underway, because I found a store with the price being 59,95 for the dual SIM.

Oh and it has (for now) Whatsapp which I kinda need for family thingies... That, ehm, well, yeah, that's the reason I'm getting it :blobsweats:​

Animal crossing, flex, htown 

So I had new leaf, started over yesterday :blobcatgoogly:​

Don't know the source, else I would give it... but this UI: Morse code your text by closing your laptop....


"Justice needs a new program"

In about 3 hours we are going to watch one of the things you should not do with computers: In Virtuosity (1995) Denzel Washington gets tasked with cleaning up a VR-simulation that has gone on a sudo-boogie-woogie-rampage.

Not so much a 'deep-dive' into AI, Simulation etc., but more of a smooth (like Russell Crowe's face) ride consisting of action.

A entertaining watch to help switch your brain off!

So I got a 'gift-card' from an online-shop and it was fine because I 1-2 times a year order new in-ears from there...

But then I found this unisex MoFo! On SALE!

I didn't even know they were still (or maybe better said again) making these and others.

Covid-19, Sign-language, anti-hoard 

Subtlety isn't included in sign-language :blobcatblep:​

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