Extremely cursed; prayer pillow by the pillow guy (not a joke) 


Lewd clickityclacks 

I love hearing my typos :chillblobwitch:โ€‹

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google etc. 



Hold will hold, cuz (before rona) gone == gone.

(I didn't invest, nor will, but before the rona I would have {at LEAST!} wasted 500 euro in the past 9-10months on bar visits with frens... {They knew of my financial position and are kind}
I can see peeps having that kind of money or {much} higher considering that 'gone' and will HOLD just for the lulz, I raise me glass to their tendieman {not to musk, cuz he doesn't understand mammals see pic below: v})

๐Ÿฟ still, coming weeks?

20 Minutes into alien3 (special assembly Edition) and my beer-opener is looking sus :blobcatscared:โ€‹

๐ŸŽผโ€‹My internet is kinda slow,
waiting for mah games to go,
So I grabbed some images and a blobcat:
Made a card for the internet! :blobnomchristmas:โ€‹

Cyberpunk 2077 #compilation #(lewd_joke) #solicitation_to_getting_into_corporate_tooting #MN-portfolio #research #detective #do_not_copy #not_my_work 

The best cumpilation :k_whoa:โ€‹ :

[adult language] :blobcatgooglytrash:โ€‹ when your toot is so dank it smells up the whole fediverse 


Preggo turkey memes - dark "humor" 

conjuring the monty python spirit
I cough on you, your mother, her sister, and your forgotten botchlings!


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