@stux @Mnemonic I’ve been learning Dutch on Duo Lingo, and I was able to read this without even thinking about it!

@SpikeSmolders Is there a rule for when to use “het” vs. “de” as the definite article in front of a noun?

@ramsey not as far as I know. It baffles me to this day. "Het paard" (the horse) compared to "de koe" (the cow) is just a classic example.

@SpikeSmolders I just read that it’s a holdover from when the language had gendered nouns, and there’s no good “rule of thumb” for remembering when to use which. You just have to memorize it. 😂

@ramsey I learned something new about my own language too, lol. I always did it on "what sounds right"

@ramsey Dutch is the closest language to English ;-) Just remember that English has all the vowel sounds wrong (compared to other Germanic/Romance languages).

@Mnemonic ahahaha :blobfoxlaugh:

> Can't be bought by Elon Musk or other billionaire
> Trump's so called 'twitter-killer' also runs the Mastodon-code

If I didn't know what it was, I probably wouldn't consider that much of an improvement honestly :blobfoxlaughsweat:

@Mnemonic Once a topic reaches the fricking NEWS PAPERS you know the news have reached everyone.

🎶 No… one… toots like Maston
No one boosts like Maston
No one has silly memes about fruits like Maston 🎶


"Maston"? Het lijkt dat deze krant is de Nederlandse "Grauniad" 😁

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