Pretending to watch the Pretender by skipping the 'save of the day'-story-bits :flan_posh:

@Mnemonic Now there's a show I haven't watched in ages. I bet I still have all the DVDs somewhere.

@SetecAstronomy It was daily on the TV when I was young, so I missed a few and never got the whole story. But I found the 4 seasons and 2 movies, already read it wasn't finished... But I think it will give me some closure :ablobcatangel:

@Mnemonic I did not know there were movies. If I ever start it back up again I'll have to investigate this.

Since you've seen quite a bit of it, I have two words for you: Mr. Wiggles.

@SetecAstronomy Oeh that does kinda ring a bell... was it a pet, or the name for the 'nerd' ...

You just gave me a flash back to Miss Parker saying mr wiggles disappointed :p

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