TIL that "vertrouwenspersoon" doesn't have a english translation (research: wikipedia) and this explains a lot.

Confidence/Trust-person would be my adhoc translation.
Someone outside even HR where you can go confidential report your work/school place problem and they help/support you and can take action.

Cuz this is kinda what facebook/twitter and the rest of the shit need if they want to go from dumpster-fire to dumpster.

It still can go wrong etc. but it would be a gaint leap.

@Mnemonic like an ombudsman? Technically an ombudsman is government-appointed, but private sector has been using the basic idea: a person independent of the normal hierarchy who's job is to investigate concerns raised by employees/customers/etc. about the organization's behavior or policies

Universities have been doing it a while, but more corps have adopted the model recently

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