teary nerdy anekdote 

My grandpa (RIP) left me a huge physical (and luckily digital too) research stack of our genealogy.
Trying to give the physical stuff a place, a Demo-version of PerfectOffice CD v3.0 (square paper 'case') drops out between the files, smoll post-it on it: "Mnemonic can install" (only my real name and in Dutch, duh).
Based on the approximate position, it was from around new year and with x-mass I helped him order a external cd-drive for his laptop...

Now I must try it someday on my own win10 machine :blobcatgoogly:

:blobcatgooglycry:​ Stop cutting onions around me!

re: teary nerdy anekdote 

@Mnemonic oh man the feels!

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