Alcohol, nintendo 

Tipsy playing Mario Kart 7 furiously to unlock stuff because of an important race I might inform you all about, or not...

"C'mon, Nintendo, what are you Robbinhood traders app? fudging me over with a blue shell while I' number 2! 2! not one, cuz the now referred to as one fudged me over with a (red) shell! and I was 2nd when the Blue shell came before me and locked me in... This is like two extra pages in the Communist manifesto if Marx knew about this fudgery! This is how the players are kept away from victory over the NPCs indefinitely and whey there is probably a blackmarket for Mario Kart 7 cards with save files!"
Slaps itself "Why did I reset the save data when I got it this morning?"

Alcohol, nintendo 

@Mnemonic 150cc or mirror mode

Alcohol, nintendo 

@Mnemonic we ask because cherry went through that hell and came out on top

"And I fucking hated it." -Cherry

re: Alcohol, nintendo 

@vanillacherry 100cc because I need to unlock stuff (kart parts) with coins and the tracks ATM (50cc is too slow to enjoy).

I tried 150cc just now and I get too little coin and am just not good enough yet to enjoy it, the drifting is still difficult because of the forgotten course layouts.

I had the game fully unlocked +- 5-6 years ago and sold it with my then 3ds cuz money needs.

IIRC I do need to do all the 150cc courses for the other characters and mirror mode, but that's for later :)

Since a few years I have a 2ds and luckily for my hands, the 2ds lies better in my hand regarding the trigger keys.

Luckily I only need the kart parts, it's a valentines race and I need to 'shine' with my best kart in the race. I mean, racing with wario isn't as romantic :p

But yeah, I knew Cherry's hell too, back in the 'days' :blobbowing:

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